HOW I GOT CUSTODY - ...WITHOUT an attorney!


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Overview of this website and its resources.

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CPS Corruption
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Unlike other  websites, I show you how I actually won and keep winning in court !
I'm James Christianson, just a regular guy who was dragged into family court in 2001.  I'm a REAL dad with a REAL case and a REAL success story.  And that's REALLY me and my daughter pictured above. 

This website is all about sharing with you how I went from ZERO visitation to getting FULL custody and how I've won over and over since 2001 in family court and the Court of Appeals WITHOUT a lawyer's help. I show you all of my Winning Court Documents

And I back it up by showing you ACTUAL WINNING court orders. Check them out on the Proof of James' Wins page.  You can check out more details of my experience and journey on my James' Bio & Full Story page.

Appointments or Consultations
You can call or text me 24 hours a day at (206) 553-9158 to schedule an in-person appointment or a phone consultation, for as long as you like, and learn EVERYTHING you want to know about how I ACTUALLY won in court. 

Phone consultations are $40. This covers up to one hour.

In-person consultations at James' office are a $1 per minute.

So, you can spend THOUSANDS on an attorney ($200 - $400/hour, with $3,000 - $5,000 down) who PROMISES that they MIGHT get you something fair (without any proof) or you can learn what ACTUALLY has worked for me over and over WITHOUT an attorney.

Resources on this website
On this website, I prove to you that I won in court. This proves to you that I know what I am talking about. 
Since my original 2001 victory I have worked with THOUSANDS of mothers and fathers who have also succeeded without an attorney, in their own cases. 
You also can obtain actual WINNING documents and templates that I have actually used in court and won with (even against veteran attorneys).  These include briefs, documents, motions, proposed orders, etc.  Just click on this page:
For Washington residents, you can find Links & Other Websites to the RCW, where to research case law and a link to Washington Courts' website where you can get blank forms, research cases, and find court rules.  On this page is also have links to my favorite sites, including specific resources for fathers.

Don't believe the hype !

Whatever you do, don't believe anything that anyone says until they BACK IT UP.  Don't listen to a facilitator, court clerk, or even an attorney unless they prove that know what they are talking about by:

  • showing you proof that they've done it before, and
  • showing you the law, rule or authority that backs up what they are saying.

The vast majority of clerks and facilitators DON'T know what they are talking about. They don't know the law and many of the court rules and how they apply to your case. And they are NOT supposed to tell you.  It's against the law for them to give you legal advice.  REPORT them if they do that. And when they do, they are usually giving BAD advice.

Two great questions to ask anyone are:

  • Where did you get that from?
  • What authority are you relying on?

It's also a great question to ask a judge since many of them just make up things and give orders just because they say so.  Judges are under the law, interpret the law and must follow the law.  If the "max" sentence for burglary under the law is 10 years, then a judge CANNOT sentence a burglar to 11 years. They are BOUND by the law.  Don't let them do whatever they want, if it's outside of the law.  I always demand to know what they are relying on when they grant an order, or else I file a motion for them to reconsider their decision and I point out their errors, or I do a revision (from a commissioner to a judge) or I just appeal (where I've won 2 out of 3 attempts in my case).

**Disclaimer:  James Christianson is not an attorney and does not hold himself out to be one.  Information on this site should not be construed as legal advice.  James simply wishes to tell his story and share what he has done in his own case, so the general public can know that there are actual success stories of a father who prevailed in family court, even without a lawyer.