HOW I GOT CUSTODY - ...WITHOUT an attorney!
I bought James' packet, Responding to a Restraining Order.  I was fully armed when I went into court.  I couldn't believe it.  The judge chewed out the mother for lying about me and threw her case out of court.  I saw other guys go up before me and they got restraining orders against them.  I wished I could have found them after my hearing and told them about James and what his materials did for me.  I felt like an attorney up in there and my argument was better than alot of the attorneys in court that day.  Thank you James!
--Jacob S., Spokane, WA
James is a God send.  I met James right after my children were taken from me.  I had no idea what to do.  During my first appointment with James I cried and felt desperate.  I decided to do the things James did in his case.  A few weeks after that first appointment, I had full custody of my children.  I still face financial struggles as the mother has escaped any financial responsibility.  But, my life is better and my children are happy.  I don't know what I would have done had I not met James this summer.
--David, Orting, WA
My name is Theo Nelson and I am a proud father who was awarded primary custody of his child last year with the aide of James Christianson!  I did my own trial, against an attorney with 21 years of experience.  The mother had already moved half-way across the state with our daughter.  But, James empowered me with what I needed to fight my own battle using the best evidence, best witness and best representative for my case - MYSELF!  I had hired and fired not one but two attorneys who both told me they would fight hard in the interest of me and my daughter, THEY LIED!  I paid out over $8,000 and received loss of access to my home and property, restrained from my child, and discounted in court as my attorneys walked me down the aisle of getting screwed over.  Meanwhile they would tell me "Let me do the talking - this is just how it goes."  The bottom line is that attorneys put $$$ before the welfare of my 7yr old daughter!  
After my trial, the attorney I fired said, "I couldn't have got you anything like what you won."
I believe that James Christianson is one of the most effective and ethical people that I have met in a long time and would recommend his assistance to anyone 'rich or poor' seeking custody, or anything fair.  His inspiration actually gave me the passion to continue to increase my understanding of the law even after the trial was over.
--Theo Nelson, Bothell, WA
Before I talked to James, I had spoken with attorneys who said I had no chance to even get 50/50 shared visitation.  The mother told me she'd never let me see our kids more than every other weekend.  After meeting with James, I ended up doing this myself.  The DAY AFTER I served the mother my first pile of paperwork, her lawyer called me and offered a settlment of 50/50 equal visitation.  I spent a few dollars to get what I wanted.  Attorneys wanted $5,000 up front to NOT EVEN TRY to get me more than every other weekend. 
--E.H., Tacoma, WA
I lost my full time job and was only working part time.  I was remarried and had a child on the way. I could not afford my child support for my first child. Then I met James and I figured out how to do a Motion to Adjust Child Support.  I got it cut in half. Then when my new baby arrived, the mother wanted no part of more court action, so she agreed to reduce my child support some more.  I can't thank James enough.
--J.B., Renton, WA
James is the ONLY honest person I have ever met when talking about family court issues.  My own attorneys have lied to me or ripped me off or confused or misled me.  The Family Law Facilitator at the courthouse gave me legal advice and led me down the wrong road. Then a commissioner chewed me out for following the Facilitator's advice. Then the commissioner told me that I needed an attorney after I spent $20,000 to lose over and over with attorneys.  After meeting with James, I have gotten my sanity back and have gotten fair visitation with my child when I barely had any before. And for thousands of dollars less! Thank you James! Thank you.
--William J., Everett, WA
I was falsely accused of domestic violence. The mother tried to get a restraining order against me.  I bought James' packet for "Response to Protection Order".  I found all the information I needed in there and drafted my own response to the Petition for Order for Protection.  The judge not only chewed the mother out for abusing the system against me, he also dismissed the case and during the hearing he looked into the crowd in the courtroom and said, "This is how you do your paperwork when you are a pro se."  I went from severely depressed to totally stoked and excited in a couple of weeks.  I saw guys in the same courtroom go in front of me and lose with attorneys "representing" them.  I couldn't believe that I only spent money on James' materials, Kinko's for copies and certified mail and I did BETTER than any of the attorneys I saw that day.  If you have a protection order case, you NEED to get James packet on his Winning Documents page.  Actually, other attorneys should probably be buying it too!
-- Dillon J., Pasco, WA
I lived in California for a few years and I had a Washington parenting plan. The mother told me that I could not see our son because of gaps when I missed visits.  So, she punished me when I finally was able to afford to come up to Washington and see him.   I didn't see him for almost 3 years.  I didn't know what to do until I met James.  Now, I live closer. I'm still out of state in Bend, Oregon.  But, I get to see our son regularly once a month, during all his school breaks, half the summer and about 3 days a week we have Skype conversations on top of calling about every day.  James helped me find out how to do the reunification process quickly and start getting back to what my son was used to when he was 5.  Now he's 10 and it's almost as if we never skipped a beat.  All I had to do was stand up to the mom and enforce my rights.  Now everything is friendly and amicable and the mother doesn't push me around anymore.
--Christopher W., Bend, OR
NO ONE wanted to seriously talk to me about my case without me forking over hundreds of dollars first.  If an attorney did talk to me, they said that I didn't have a chance to get anything but every other weekend.  I wanted equal visitation.  Now I have custody of my 9-year-old daughter.  I can't believe that putting up a little bit of a fight went such a long ways. But, it was because I did it the right way.  I had no clue until James pointed the way.  I just did the same things that he did in his case.  All the "experts" said I would practically get nothing from the courts.  I went to court by myself. I didn't even have an expert attorney with me.  I almost can't believe I did it.  It was hard but it wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be.  James is a straight-shooter.  He will not beat around the bush or B.S. you.  If you want to know the truth and you're a dad who is willing to fight for your kids, then you need to talk to James.
--Peter M., Gig Harbor, WA
I got custody of my daughter by default.  I tried getting the papers from the law library, but it was too confusing. The facilitator at the court did not help me at all.  I was living off of unemployment so I couldn't afford an attorney. After I got James' help it was so easy.  One day I filed the paperwork and got the mother served.  And 21 days later I walked in and out of Ex Parte with full custody of my daughter.  I don't even care about child support.  I just wanted to finally get it to be officially.  The mom was coming in and out of our daughter's life and it was too inconsistent and I could not trust her any more.  I seriously can't believe how easy, simple and cheap it was with James' help.  I probably would have spent 10 times as much to pay a lawyer to do everything for me.
--T. Hollins, Vancouver, WA