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Although women sofather court system than a mother.
Check out below:  the profiles and pictures of what I believe are the worst, most unethical and even crazy attorneys who abuse their profession to destroy lives, some even destroy their own client's lives intentionally, just to salve their own perversions and abusive appetites.  Some unnecessarily drag cases out, solely to financially rape their own client for all that they can extort.
If there is a sex offender in your neighborhood, you get the word out and fast, to protect your children.  In my opinion, attorneys who destroy children's lives and make a profit doing so are nothing more than child slave traders.  So, I am warning you to specifically stay away from the following.  


It was easy to be a white racist in the 50's in Mississippi. You could be a judge, police officer, mayor, etc. and do EVIL AND OPPRESSIVE things to black people and get away with it. Why? Because you were on the side of the OPPRESSOR.  Was it very hard to be a soldier in Nazi Germany? No. The ENTIRE OPPRESSIVE tyranny was against Jews. It was EASY to be a German in Nazi Germany, and a horrible existence to be Jewish.

Likewise, it's easy being a male attorney, representing women and bashing men in family court.  You're on the side of the oppressor in a predominantly pro-woman court system.  The men attorneys below are a bunch of punk, sissy, effeminate cowards. The worse type of non-manly men.  And they do it for money.  

Below is a clip from Braveheart.  William Wallace tells the soon-to-be Scotland king to man-up, because men follow COURAGE and NOT TITLES.  

All of the effeminate male attorneys below have titles. But, they have NO manliness, NO character, NO courage.  They're sellouts to their own gender (even worse if they are fathers themselves).  They're even worse than the slaves who wanted to "get in the master's house" who would  sellout and snitch on other slaves to get in the master's good graces.  These male attorneys bow to judges like simps.  They are like the "nobles" in Braveheart, in the clip below.  When representing men, they broker deals because they'd rather not man up and fight.  When they are fighting against a man, they zealously attack because it's easy to advise their female clients to lie.  The courts will empathize with a woman 90% of the time.

I say to fathers everywhere, "Be courageous and fight for your children and for your rights."  Don't let a sellout simp like the guy lawyers below advise you to quit on your children.  Be of good courage. Be a man, like this clip below describes with inspiration....

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Braveheart Just lead them to freedom
William Wallace tells the future king that titles don't mean jack. The people admire manly courage, something the nobles and lawyers DON'T have.


What can I say about the women lawyers other than they fit the stereotypical prototype:  A psychotic mentally ill weirdo with a vindictive vendetta to destroy men. Radical feminists who think that men OWE a woman because she bore his children and/or that children can be used as a tool for leverage.  Some of these women attorneys didn't get hugged by their dad enough. Or they were abused by him or a  boyfriend. Notice that many of them are very homely and there's a complex that comes with that (being rejected by men their whole lives, so they have no empathy for that good father that they are crucifying in court, in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct).  Whatever it is that causes the psycho women below to abuse their career to destroy children and families, it's the stuff that creates serial killers, stalkers and pedophiles.  Some of the women lawyers below take their cases PERSONALLY. 

But, lawyers are supposed to separate themselves from the emotional part of a court action.  These women FEED on it. They are gratified by the pain and suffering they inflict on the men they oppose (and sometimes on women).  It's one thing to zealously fight FOR your client.  It's another thing to zealously attack the opposing party and disparage and vilify them and harm them by financially raping them, relentlessly brow beating them, etc.  People get restraining orders for relentlessly harassing folks like that.  But, attorneys have a legal means by which to salve their sociopathic appetite to inflict harm on another person, especially if the other person is a nice man and you are a female attorney who had a bad father who abused you and the little girl inside of you cannot fight that bad father, so you psychologically beat up on a good guy to vent and use him as the voo-doo doll to get revenge on your dad, or that bully in school for calling you "ugly", etc.  (Like Bernie Mac once said, "You no I ain't lying!")


It goes without saying that attorneys overcharge. But, what many people don't realize (until after it's too late) is that attorneys will DRUM UP conflict or advise their clients to do unnecessary things, so that the case drags on and the attorneys get PAID MORE.  Instead of fighting hard for this or that quick solution, or at least attempting it, an attorney would rather take another route and save that best route as a last resort. Check out this 2-minute trailer that is very poignant about how it works:

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Divorce Corp Film: The Price of Divorce (Documentary)
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Divorce Corp VIDEOS: With hourly fees being the industry norm within family courts, attorneys have little-to-no incent...

Here's the WORST family law attorneys that I know of.  These are my personal opinions, based upon my own, individual, first-hand experience with these firms, or based upon my experience as a Legal Assistant, court clerk and advocate.  This also includes what has been shared with me by multiple former clients of some of these attorneys.
When researching an attorney, everyone should check the public profile on the WSBA's directory:
Many folks DON'T even know how long their lawyer has been in practice, or what all of the areas of law they practice in.  I personally find that when an attorney has three or more areas of practice, then they wear too many hats and don't get enough knowledge/experience with one area. So, they are pushovers and easy targets for specialists in family law.  If an attorney has been practicing 20+ years, then he/she has learned how to "hustle" the system and get paid the most for the least amount of work.
The attorneys below are all horrible, even the ones who specialize in family law.
Some of them have learned of this website. Now they are emailing each other about it and saying that I am a criminal and they despise me for exposing the truth that everyone already knows...the truth that many family law attorneys are the "bottom of the barrell", egregiously unethical hustlers, crooks and cons. Some are just greedy hustlers.  Some abuse their own female clients or trade sex for free service (like Ferrell, Cassady, Kevin Rundle), while others like David Kontos (kicked off the Pro Tem Commissioner rotation) and Lenoid Ponomarchuk are well-rumored to having sex in the courtroom chambers.  These things are well known among family law attorneys.  But, the attorneys, being the unethical, un-human, low-ethic creatures they are, they just laugh and joke about it.
But, when I expose all of this, these attorneys become "haters".  And now they conspire to retaliate against me and make me out to be a criminal....a bunch of perverts who want to destroy a normal, regular layperson and citizen.
Three attorneys below have circulated an email, slandering me and complaining that I have the audacity to point out unethical, abusive, out-of-control attorneys.  I guess Zinnecker, Williams and Cassady would also like to criticize John Walsh for exposing and pursuing rapists, child molestors and other criminals on "America's Most Wanted".  Their junior-high-school-like, gossipy email is below for your review.  I don't mind criticism.  But, over-sensitive, narcissistic, socipath attorneys do mind it.
Whose opinion/insight do you trust?  A family law attorney who lies for a living and wants to be able to snitch, tattle, gossip and get someone like me prosecuted while they live in their bubble?  Or me, a regular parent who traversed the slithering perverts of family court like Indiana Jones in a snake pit, and came out, alive to tell about it?  I'll let you decide.

William Douglas Hyslop

Approves of:

(1) racial slurs
(2) sexually harassing women
(3) sociopathic manipulation of women
(4) stealing/misappropriating client's money
(5) attorneys verbally abusing others
(6) attorneys trading sex for free services

WSBA President, Bar # 11256

(DOB 3/22/1951)

Deborah W. Hyslop (dob 1/3/1952)


3726 S. Browne Street
Spokane, WA  99203-1514
(509) 624-7691

Even though he's not a family law attorney, he is worth writing about because, this is the FACE OF the Washington State Bar Association, President William D. Hyslop.  Even though it's mostly a puppet post, he STILL COULD do something about the sex offender, woman-abusing, racist pervert Don Ferrell. But, he doesn't. In fact, he just recently gave public approval and praise of Ferrell's sociopathic deviant ways. But, that's par for the course for the WSBA, which has history of sexual harassment and racism, practiced openly in their offices, as crusty older white men (and perverts like Don Ferrell) have run the show there.

So, on October 16, 2015, Hyslop gave a speech in honor and praise of the sex offender, racist attorney Donald W. Ferrell.  Ferrell made it to 50 years as a WSBA member. And here is Hyslop, giving a speech (pictured at right) at the luncheon honoring Ferrell (and others), even though Ferrell had a systematic M.O. of manipulating and abusing women clients and losing their cases on purpose so they go broke and become desperate...then Ferrell would make them "work off" their attorney bill at his home office and/or make them or coerce them to live with him. See the Ferrell page that has documentation showing that Ferrell lost a malpractice suit, he abused at least 20+ women and sexually harassed some, and that he called an Asian attorney a "lying chink".

Here is the link on the WSBA website, describing the WSBA event honoring and praising the offender pervert:

And as long as he is the face of the Bar, then he APPROVES of Ferrell, and actually of the other perverts below and their misconduct (some of whom have sex with women clients for free--but it's well known that Hyslop cheats on his wife at his own office in Spokane, at Lukins & Annis, so of course he's gonna approve of the perverts below). 

If he is the TOP DOG, then the sexual harassment of women, racism, abuse of power, etc. perpetrated by attorneys goes on under Mr. Hyslop's watch.

Does the president of a country or corporation go unaccountable when those under him commit misconduct? Heck no! He's the first one everyone points to.  We don't say, "Hey the CEO of that company didn't know the people under him were 'cooking the books'."  We say, "He should have known. If he didn't then that's his fault and he's incompetent."  It starts at the top. 

You don't have to just believe my word for it.  Look at the link above and see the page that has Hyslop and Ferrell at the same event, praising the 50-year veterans of the WSBA.  And then notice on my page about Don Ferrell, the WSBA's very own disciplinary counsel made a finding of FACT that Don Ferrell called a young female Asian attorney a "lying chink".  (But, they ruled that he did not violate the Rules of Professional Conduct. What???  THIS is the type of madness that goes on UNDER Hyslop's watch, while he is in a position of authority.

But, who cares, right?  Hyslop was all deep and involved with the WSBA when they were sued by Cathy Blinka after she was exposing the WSBA for racism and sexual harassment INSIDE its own office. So, if the big dawgs can abuse and play around like that, do you think that Hyslop wants the WSBA to discipline other attorneys?  Heck no!  Abuse of women, people of color, manipulation of clients is LAUGHED at by Hyslop and other WSBA members. It's a joke. They don't care. Just look at him. He looks like a Klan grand wizard.

And since he's at the top, or the face of the WSBA, he's THE MOST PATHETIC of them all, because he could do something about it, but won't.  

Everyone knows that the WSBA does NOT discipline any attorneys UNLESS they get on the news or have pressure from the press or interest groups.  And Hyslop is now one of the main reasons for that (and those in power like him). White, privileged males out of touch with reality and having no concern about any other human beings beneath their level. All they want is the fame, prestige and applause of other lawyers at cocktail parties. They DON'T care about justice. They DON'T care about abuse of power. 

In fact, Mr. Palace could be JUST LIKE one of the sociopaths, racists, abusers of women, and sexual deviants below--is that far-fetched for me to say? I mean if he approves of it, he is JUST LIKE the lawyers committing all these atrocities. At the very least, he's JUST AS despicable and pathetic of a low-life human being because he allows, tolerates or approves of the attorneys below taking advantage of vulnerable women, or male clients, sexually harassing them, manipulating them, or even calling their own comrades racial slurs. 

That's why this guy tops the list, especially after PRAISING Don Ferrell, an evil sociopath who is DESPISED by 99% of all other family law attorneys (If you don't believe me, just pick up a phone and randomly call a couple and ask them, "Have you ever faced Don Ferrell?  What's your opinion of him?"


T.L.C.  (Total Losers & Cowards)

Not sure why decent attorneys DeVallance and Lufkin want to even be associated with these hustlers crooks and cons, but for the most part, this is an entire law firm filled with soft, effeminite, cowardly, incompetent, airheaded shiftless losers and cowards who WON'T fight for you and get mad at you for being upset after you get screwed by them (they want you to be as passive and unpassionate about losing your kids, just like they are passive and unpassionate about fighting for you).

Not only do the Asian attorneys love the racial phrase "lying chink", they also will tell you how to spend THOUSANDS at their firm for AS LITTLE results as possible. The only people who write testimonials on their website are people who ALREADY AGREED 

Let's get to the sellout Asians first...

As you may have noticed, the page on Don Ferrell shows how the WSBA found him to have called a young, new Asian attorney a "lying chink".  You would get fired for saying something like that at YOUR job, but the WSBA is full of old, creepy white men who are racists and sexually harass their own employees. So, Don Ferrell was found to have been a harassing racist, but the WSBA said that doesn't violate their rules, so they "let him off the hook".

You would think the Asian professional community would be outraged, right? Nope. When Asian attorney found out about this, they acted like sellouts, just like an Asian actor in Hollywood desperate for money would play a role of someone with buck teeth, talking dumb and eating dog.  They all sat silent because they want to kiss the butt of Master White Man in charge of the WSBA.  When I wrote every prominent Asian law group and lawyer about what the WSBA did, some of them said, "Follow the complaint process" (which is a politically correct, sellout way to say, "I don't care").  But, the Asian lawyers with Tsai and Scott Marlow pretty much approved of Don Ferrell's "lying chink" comment. So, if you're Asian and hiring Tsai because you think they empathize with you, well, you better watch your back. This firm would have turned you into an internment camp 80 years ago.

WSBA # 8294 (since 06/06/1978)

DOB:  7/15/1950

Lives with wife and Commissioner 
Mary E. Dicke (dob 5/11/1950) at:

11014 Moorelands Street NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335-5831
(253) 265-2340

** His wife is man-hating, psychotic, evil, child abuser Commissioner Mary E. Dicke (they're a perfect tandem).
She has a history of placing children with drug abusing, 
violent, child-withholding mothers because she thinks 
it's okay.  And since she dominates Jeffrey's home, then
he obeys her and he also hates fathers and children--
all while he extorts THOUSANDS from male clients.

Notice that Jeffrey has the typical pedophile, pervert, WEIRDO LOOK of many male family law attorneys. That's apropos because he loves to destroy children's lives just like a pervert, pedophile or sex trafficker would do, yet Jeffrey does it for a WHOLE LOT MORE money.  And with the way he looks, it's no wonder he married a hideously ugly witch in Commissioner Mary E. Dicke of Pierce County Superior Court.

Jeffrey is a rabid pit bull when representing women in court.

If you're a father and you hire him, prepare for him to say stuff like:

"Don't fight too hard, it will look back (to psychos like my wife)"

"Let's wait till it gets close to trial THEN we will really get them" (and he bails on the client close to trial after taking all the money he could squeeze out of them)

"Look like the good guy and give the wife this/that"  (and you never win points for playing 'good guy', the court will just agree that the wife gets all that)

"That's JUST NOT  the way it's done" (explaining why he cannot fight very hard at all for you.

Really, Jeffrey is a pencil-necked, punk sissy coward who probably got bullied. Because he's a sociopath, he abuses his lawyer position to get gratification off of bullying people who would kick his punk tail in real life (many lawyers are like him in that they were bullied so they look to be cops, security guards or lawyers to bully people and make up for their childhood wound that they didn't get over, being the sissies that they are).  So, this runt of a man talks smack and runs and hides behind his bar card or the sheriff deputies that guard the court.

Plus, he and Dicke go to the same cocktail parties and free for-all-orgies that some of the judges go to (like sexual deviant pervert ex-Judge and ex-GAL Michael Hecht who was prosecuted for soliciting male under-aged prostitutes around the courthouse...just Google "Judge Michael Hecht Pierce County" if you don't believe ME. And this child molestor who also threatened to kill male prostitutes was a GOOD FRIEND of Robinson).

I can't tell you HOW MANY men I've talked to who trust Jeffrey solely on his reputation or referrals, then AFTER the case, 10, 20, 30 or even $100,000 later, they realize that he bamboozled them.  Many of these attorneys who have been around a long time, they figure out how to get TOP DOLLAR for AS LITTLE effort as possible.

Again, extremely aggressive for women (because it's easy in a man-hating, radical feminist court to fight for a woman--that's like being the manager for Mike Tyson in a fight with a barely have to do anything).

But, when representing fathers, he turns into a simp, effemminite, limp wristed, girly coward--again, JUST LOOK at him.  His psycho, man-hating radical feminist wife, Commissioner Mary E. Dicke probably has him hen pecked and in check and so he bows to her and all the other radical feminists in this sissified, metro-sexual dominated society where there's no courageous men anymore.

Remember, Dicke and her effeminate, greasy husband work at Pierce County. This is the SAME courthouse that had the following crazy stuff happen:

(1) a Guardian Ad Litem lawyer Michael Hecht won a judge's seat and a few months later he was convicted of soliciting boy prostitutes and threatening to kill one (some underaged) right around the corner of the courthouse.  (Jeffrey has fought for and Dicke has adopted this sexually deviant pervert's bizarre recommendations as a GAL before -- they love Hecht...and as stated above, they've reportedly attended the same cocktail parties and swingers/orgy parties.)

(2) DIS-honorable Beverly G. Grant led a cheer "Go Seahawks" in her courthouse right before the sentencing in a manslaughter case. The mother of the MURDER victim was in the room when this out-of-touch with reality sociopath judge thought it was an appropriate time to have happy-happy, joy-joy time and cheer for the Seahawks. (This is one of Jeffrey & Dicke's cocktail party friends).

(3) Judge Kathryn Nelson (who most attorneys hate) created a scenario where she set it up so Josh Powell (a suspected murderer) has easy access and control to murder his own children (and blew them up in Graham, WA on Feb. 2012).  Nelson also, like her good friend Dicke (Jeffrey's wife), repeatedly hates on fathers and gives them very limited access to children with NO EVIDENCE but a crying mother in the courthouse, even if she is OBVIOUSLY LYING.  Many times Nelson and Dicke won't even let fathers file stuff in court--they deny their access to justice, to even be heard.

This is where Jeffrey has made millions of this Pierce County house of horrors where his wife is a commissioner, who's all in good with the judges and commissioners.  You don't think there's a conflict of interest EVERY TIME he goes to court down there. That courthouse is one big cess pool of sexually deviant perverts, sociopaths and sub-human pieces of human garbage. It's an orgy of vermin and Jeffrey Robinson thrives and revels in this cess pool with his wife. 

And they are sitting on a nice waterfront home in Gig Harbor after Jeffrey and his wife have hustled and conned people for years, all while willfully and intentionally destroying children's lives.

Their $1 million beachfront home on GoogleMaps, built off the blood money of children who were placed with abusive, domestically-violent, drug addicts, emotionally physically and psychologically abusive parents:

DOB:  11/11/1979 

Lives with hen-pecked hubby 
Daniel N. Cook (3/24/1978) at:

2718 39th Street NW
Gig Harbor, WA  98335-7932
(360) 876-9467

Amanda is the next-in-line whore at Jeffrey Robinson's firm. And when I say "whore" I mean someone who takes a great deal of money to traffick children into abusive homes (as long as a child abuser gives Amanda & Robinson money, they will destroy that child's life and traffick them into the mother's home, even if she lives with a sex offender, child abuser, drug addict, or of the mother is one herself--only whores sell out humans for money, whether themselves or others).

She's a vicious man-hater who doesn't care if a child has a father. She goes in court cases to financially rape a father, break him down psychologically then demands that he surrenders to her whim...the mentality of a serial rapist/killer...but this serial psychopatic conduct is more subtle and "legal".

Attorney Daniel Cook
Feminine hubby of Amanda Cook
(obviously she's the man in home
and he...well, just look at him)

It's ironic that she makes a living out of getting restraining orders against men, because this psychotic witch is now STALKING little old me.  

She's got the maturity of a tattle-tale 4th grader (as is the demeanor of most family law attorneys). But, she's got the viciousness of a brute, beast, wild animal (which comes with the territory when you have a woman taking on manly roles and characteristics). Obviously she's the man in the Cook household and she's the one that Daniel learned how to be a man-hater in his practice of law and selling out to his own gender.  In order to maintain his marriage, he has to bow to the dominant male in the home...just look at his fruity pic and her masculine one).  That said, Amanda is more obsessed with me than her own husband (well, she's got him hen-pecked and in check, so she doesn't even need him on a leash).  

She just filed a complaint to the WSBA whining, and running crying to them to save her from this profile. LOL. What a psychotic witch.

Not only did she whine, wimper and cry like a little baby, but she went out of her way to find my business cards at the law library and says, basically, "Look, WSBA! Look at James."  That's what haters and psychotic vindictive ex-girlfriends do when you break up with them or don't ask them to the prom.  See how desperate these hypocritical psychos are? They go out of their way to abuse the system against you, then when they are CALLED out and EXPOSED, they act like they've SUFFERED SO MUCH and retaliate. But, if you defend yourself against the antics of this mentally ill witch, she'll attack you for being abusive and retaliatory.  The life of a family law attorney! It's a walking contradiction. But, when you LIE for a LIVING, it's to be expected.  She just proves my case that she and her comrades are the most evil scum on this earth, only slightly above pedophiles and rapists.

Check out how vindictive and psycho this attorney is...playing junior-high like vindictive games.  She saw that I have this profile on her. So, what did she do?  Abused her position as an attorney and complained to the bar that I'm pretending to be an attorney. 

She obviously doesn't believe in free speech (all these attorneys throw their ethics and their understanding of the law out the window when it comes to self-preservation). She obviously feels exposed and desperate. Or she's doing the psycho M.O. and retaliating just to retaliate. This profile is NEVER coming down though. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Now, check THIS out.  When there is a crime, there has to be a victim. She knows this (if she doesn't, then she's as stupid and airheaded as dingy as she looks in her picture). But, she SHOULD know there has to be a victim. Yet, in her complain, she is complaining that I MIGHT be doing this or doing that. If she's not a victim of me, then how is she complaining?  See what desperate pieces of human garbage these lawyers are? Especially the pscyhotic women of family court...especially one who thinks she's a man and dominates a sensitive, effeminite punk like Dan Cook, who, therefore empowers Amanda to bully men at the courthouse).

Doesn't she have some "victims" to rescue?  Doesn't she have ANYTHING BETTER to do, like give some orders for her simp, punk, mitch husband?  This is a great example of how petty and sick and twisted these weirdos are.

Since I merely told the truth on here and she is a public figure, this witch is stalking and HARASSING ME, like Glenn Close was Michael Douglas in "Basic Instinct" (except without the affair part, as I would never even think about such a hideous looking dingy airhead like her).  Amanda has no legal or lawful purpose for this complaint.  I should get a restraining order against her. But, since she and Jeffrey Robinson reportedly sleep together, and his wife is a commissioner, there's no chance of me getting one there.

Back to her course misconduct.  She loves to testify in court, even though she is no allowed to under RPC 3.7 and ER 602. So, if I ever faced her, I would object every time she did.  I would also cite all the CR 11 violations she commits throughout a case and get her sanctioned for the violations.  But, then again, Robinson and Dicke probably invite Amanda along to join them at judges' cocktail parties and orgies, so the courts likely won't sanction her. But, I personally would still try, with all the principles and public policy in Bryant v. Joseph Tree.

She's, simply, at the court, a psychotic, passive aggressive witch who can flourish and develop her psychotic and sociopathic ways in the dysfunctional court system.

Hey, if a child molestor of under-aged male prostitutes like fruit cake Michael Hecht can get the highest job in the courthouse, then Amanda certainly can flourish with her perverted, predatory agenda against fathers, in order to extort as much money out of a case as possible.

DOB:  11/03/1966

Lives at address 
below with wife:
Carina Capps Evens
(DOB:  06/26/1967)

7255 - 87th Ave. SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040

39th Street NW
Gig Harbor, WA  98335-7932
(360) 876-9467

To put it briefly, like many other corrupt attorneys, Brad Evans is completely incompetent, or he's an alcoholic who can't keep his stuff straight. He will LIE to you as a client and tell you, "Let's get this mediator, GAL, or parenting evaluator" and that person will be THE WORST option for your case. Maybe he refers people that he has handshake agreements with (very common). Or maybe he just doesn't know what the hell he is doing.

He's particularly a sellout to fathers. He can be an arrogant prick and hostile to his own clients too, as he takes over your case, dictates your case and tells you how things will go, INSTEAD of listening to you and informing you of your options.

Like many attorneys who have a lot of years under their belt, Evans has figured out how to make as much money as possible for as LITTLE effort as possible. He needs to turn in his man card for the way he sells out fathers...he's a shame to his own gender...what an effeminate, sissy, coward, sellout of a punk.

(the "H" is for "hideous")

DOB:  6/20/2002

Lives with husband Dick (2/19/53) at: 
4703 - 39th Court SE
Lacey, WA 98503-8232

Do you notice a pattern here?  

Nearly all the women in family court are hideously ugly and/or fat. And Barbara is both.  (The men are goofy looking too. Notice that her boss Bob Helland looks like a pedophile like many of the men lawyers in family court).  She could easily play a witch in the Wizard of Oz, like many female attorneys can, given her looks.

(dob 11/26/1949)
932x Allen Point Road NW
Gig Harbor, WA 

My point:  Many of the psychotic man-hating, father-hating witches in family court like Barbara are so ugly and/or fat, that they have a history of rejection with men. Or even in society in general. Therefore, they have serious scars and wounds from their past. As a result, because so many men ended up ignoring her, Barbara McInvaille is on the warpath against men and fathers. Like most radical feminists, she believes they should PAY UP and be out of the children's lives and only be a minimal visitor, if AT ALL.

I know of cases where this psychotic hateful witch represented control freak, alcoholic, child abusing mothers and she DROVE the fathers out or helped drive them out.

EVEN WORSE, this witch is a Pro Tem Commissioner, so she gets to sit on her perch in court and look down on a man and order him to have little involvement with their children.  JUST GO WATCH her in court. She ALWAYS rules against a man. Doesn't care what the paperwork says, or the evidence.  She will ignore a man, blow him off, or his attorney and rule in favor of a woman. Why? Because she can !!!
Because she's a radical feminist (and so is her pedophile, sellout boss).  And because she's fat and ugly.

Now there's nothing wrong with being fat or ugly. I'm overweight myself. It's when you take your fatness or ugliness and get a position of power to abuse it and take all your personal prejudices and hurts and wounds out on someone else.  These men are not the ones who rejected Barbara. Even if they were, she has no right to abuse the court system against them or rule against them despite the evidence when moms are abuse.

DOB:  4/15/67 
Firm:  Dancey & Cassady 
17109 NE 45th Street, #34 
Redmond, WA 98052  

In a recent action, in front of Judge Fleck (on Worst Judges page), Cassady railroaded a father while representing a mom with a criminal record.  He reprented the mom for free and she gave him  sex (he's hideously ugly, goofy and physically handicapped so he's desperate, and will get with any little thing, including this criminal client who he now has kids with -- he pays all her bills now, reps her for free in court, then asks for dad to pay fees, and she has kids with him to make sure his dumb ass will be locked into future child support when she dumps him and is done with him).  Then he demanded attorney fees (never incurred) to be paid by the dad.  Of course, Judge Fleck (being the #1 man-hating judge in King County) granted this request, and to cover up his sex-for-services unethical conduct, Attorney Heritage Filer substituted in the case (but still from the SAME firm).  See King Co. #09-3-03868-0.   

So, Cassady will railroad a dad for the personal benefit of sex, while the mom gets free, pro bono work done and Cassady will violate every ethical code regarding honesty and lie that his client owes him thousands. What a hustle and con game of pimp-like propoportions.  Of course, given his handicap, he is desperate and this is the only way he can get a decent-looking woman. But, now that his live-in client is with child, she will soon be gone, off to more crimes involving dishonesty and more male victims. Maybe thereafter, Cassady will become a fathers' rights advocate when she leaves him high and dry.  

Even Cassady's co-workers have fled his perversion/unethcial conduct.  Notice his partner Delaina Dancey pictured at  But, if you click on Lawyer Directory at and plug in WSBA #23817, you will see that she is inactive and fled as far from Cassady as she could.  She knows her firm is probably in trouble for this one.      

WSBA # 13796 (since 11/7/1983)

DOB:  11/30/1958

15805 - 6th Ave. SW
Burien, WA 98166-3005
(206) 242-6274
(206) 246-6129

The more I find corrupt attorneys, the more I realize that the pedophile look is prevalent among the male ones. I thought it was unique to people like Doug Becker (below) and Don Ferrell (who has his own page on here).  We know Rob Blazak is a total weasel, but his picture above is that of an arrogant, smug, creepy looking weirdo that is becoming of these other attorney with a pedophile like nature (who trade sex for services with clients half their age).  It looks like Blazak lives alone at the creepy-looking run down home at the address above. So, he has no sense of family or what it's like to have children, so he has no remorse when he goes to court and DESTROYS children's lives, especially when ripping a father away from them. This makes Blazak a pathetic piece of human garbage sellout to his own gender. He's part of the growing population of soft, effeminate, perverted men who think children only need mothers in this radical feminist society. 

Blazak hates fathers (except for the ones who will hire him and pay thousands of dollars to him--as money is his #1 priority, and not justice or a just case).  Rumor in the family law "community" is that he was molested by his dad. So, he has NO PROBLEM seeking revenge on all fathers when the opportunity presents itself. Of course, I can't prove that, but family court rumors often start when someone actually digs up some dirt on another.

Now, you should know that Civil Rule 11 (which can be found online at this link HERE) and many of the Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys prevent an attorney from taking on a case that has no merit, is unjust, is full of lies, is an abuse of the court system, etc.  Many of these unethical idiotic attorneys excuse themselves by saying, "I have to zealously fight for my client." Yeah, but ONLY if it's an actual just cause. You are NOT obligated to fight for lies and cases that have no supporting evidence. That's why a prosecutor sometimes doesn't move forward with a case, because there's no evidence or a witness is lying. Attorneys specifically swear in their Oath of Attorney in Section (d) and #5 and #7 that they won't lie in court or even take a case that is a lie. But, like most family law attorneys, Blazak doesn't care as long as there is money involved or free sex from a female client.

Blazak specializes in representing very abusive and psycho mothers who like to abuse the court system against their ex husbands or children's father.  These actually are THE MOST desperate of clients as they will do ANYTHING to destroy the lives of their children's fathers. That also indicates that he likely trades sex for services.  If you look at him, he's obviously the type that would be desperate in the area of relationships with women, so his attorney position allows for him to do "prostitution for free" with no need for any social skills with the ladies.

ONE EXAMPLE OF BLAZAK's hatred for fathers and love for psycho mothers:

Blazak once represented a crazy woman who tried to run over her handicapped husband with her car, WHILE she was drunk.  (He is an amputee who was injured in a car accident and has physical scars and the amputated leg as a result). The husband who used a walker and was tight for funds could not afford an attorney of his own. After the mother's friend yanked the walker from him, the mother drove backwards into him with her vehicle.  Blazak went on the offensive and had the mother somehow play the victim and got the children taken from the father and suckered the father into signing an order that gave him a couple hours a week visitation. The father feared that the mother's and Blazak's FALSE accusations would prevail. So, the father surrendered and signed off on Blazak's demands.  If you don't believe people make up false allegations in court, here's another trailer from the Divorce Corp. documentary that shows how prevalent false allegations are in family court. And Blazak loves to be apart of this lying, sick, twisted, psychotic game that puts children in the middle thereof:

After the father COMPLETED ALL of the requirements and wanted to move to the next "Phase 2" of his Parenting Plan, the mother would not let him.  And Blazak advised the mother to keep withholding the children from the father. So, the father wrote Blazak, reminding Blazak that the father completed the MULTIPLE treatments and assessments that he agreed to do. The letter is below and Blazak kept advising his client to violate the orders:

So, the father had to go to court and FIGHT for months to get the visitation that he OBVIOUSLY was permitted.  Blazak fought him outside of court, but when the father filed motions with the court, Blazak, being the punk, sissy, limp-wristed coward that he is, quit the case and referred the mother to another psycho attorney who relentlessly abuses the court system. It took a while, but the father got the court's clarification that he had graduated to "Phase 2" of the Parenting Plan.  Here's the order, with redactions, and the mother's new psycho attorney, Julianna Wong (who I worked with at McKinley Irvin and seemed nice, but when money calls, no one cares about ethics):

Notice the language is "the father HAS complied" or "has" done this or done that. So, what gives? Why did the father have to FIGHT in court and spend his own time and money to prove something that he already did? To prove that he had rights that he already had?  Why? Because people like Blazak are man-hating punk bitches who only care about appeasing their psycho clients or getting more free sex from them -- which is likely in Blazak's case. Again, JUST LOOK at him.

The worst thing about perverts like Blazak is that he is indirectly preying upon children and destroying their lives by taking good fathers away--all because of some personal sexual or financial gratification that Blazak gets from his client. Family law attorneys like Blazak are NO BETTER than people who profit off of trafficking children. That's essentially what they are doing when they abuse the court system and steal children from at least one parent and place them with an abusive parent.

I know of another case in which Blazak represents a woman who physically abuses the children. Blazak attacks the father, even though he is the custodial parent (sounds like the M.O. of that sexually deviant, woman abusing, racist Don Ferrell. Maybe that sociopathic predatory mental illness is contagious among family court attorneys.  But, in this other case, the mother had a history of living with a boyfriend who abused the children and had an extensive rap sheet with police, so much so that they knew him by name and would always call for backup when dealing with him.  And Blazak represents a psycho mother like THAT!  Again, women who abuse their own children like that will do ANYTHING to protect their reputation, including sleep with people to do so.  And Blazak is not beyond that.

WSBA # 14265 (since 11/1/84)
Wechsler Becker LLP

DOB : 3/15/1950

Lives with/cheats on:

Bobby J. Becker (DOB 10/19/49) at:

6824 - 17th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115-6845

Now this dude DEFINITELY LOOKS like someone you would find on "To Catch a Predator" with MSNBC's Chris Hansen (entrapping sicko pedophiles).  Why in the world would you want to trust the fate of your children with someone who LOOKS LIKE THAT??  He looks as creepy as Donald W. Ferrell, the #1 Psycho Atty in all of Washington State.

There's at least one case I know of in which Becker was busted/caught having sex with a female client for pro bono (free) services. And if he's done it once, it's likely that his M.O. is to take advantage of a poor female client or let a manipulative woman work this pathetically desperate, hideously ugly dude for some free work.  It's part and parcel in the perverted cesspool of family law. It's more common than you might think. David Kontos, Michael Gallagher, Richard Cassady and many other attorneys do it. Everyone knows what really goes on and this is one reason why many attorneys don't practice family law:  MOSTLY perverts like Douglas Becker practice in this cesspool. Where else would vermin want to thrive? What human being would want to make a career out of being engrossed in the family law system?  Mainly weirdos like Becker who are too incompetent to do anything else with their law degrees.

My first direct contact with Becker was on a blog that followed a news article.  He was insisting how great the family court system is. I made him look stupid in front of all the bloggers and he exited out of the convo after it was proven that he had no idea what the heck he was talking about.  All it takes is a bit of common sense and logical thinking and you can outsmart a dimwit like this. Why? Because I wasn't in HIS know, the backwards world of a family courtroom where they usually throw out all logic, human decency and common sense.  I knew Becker was incompetent then. I know even more, now, how incompetent he is. Sure, he's a slick talker and knows some "legal mumbo jumbo". But, when it comes to fighting for a male client, he will sell you out. He will look to get free sex from a desperate female client, as stated.  Or he will just refer your case to one of his mediation/arbitration buddies. (Most attorneys have handshake, quid pro quo, referral deals with each other to make money off of you).  But, even more so, he would prefer to do mediation and arbitration himself. See my page Worst Mediators (It's a Scam) to find out what a hustle and con game mediation is.

Becker is one of the reasons why the system is soooo anti-father in general (even though women get screwed in court sometimes too, it's mostly anti-father).

Becker proudly boasts on his profile, on his website, all of the affiliations, titles and accolades he has.  He is a member of Family Law Sections of bar associations.  He was the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section.  This pedophile look-alike helps set policy, the tone and the culture in family law in King County. The reason why most commissioners, judges and lawyers DON'T WANT children to have an INVOLVED FATHER is because of out-of-touch weirdos like this pervert. The #1 worst thing you can do to a child is take a parent away. And this idiot wants the courts to do that, even though MOST of the time, the courts CAN make parenting almost equal.  

Do you realize that there were many people against Hitler? Many people against racism in the South in the 50's?  There's many people against bullies in school. But, do you realize that peer pressure, the culture, or the "norm" is something that most people won't go against?  So, I look like a radical when I say fathers should be equally involved in children's lives.  Meanwhile this pervert does the "norm", which no one wants to stand up against.  He fights against involved fathers and preaches at Family Law Section and his CLE classes to kick fathers out, make them 2nd class parents, throw out their Constitutional Rights...all to pander to the norm, and do what the brainwashed radical feminists want to do.

Really, this dude is as soft, unmanly, effeminate and womanly as he looks. A spineless coward.  This is the type of men that radical feminists LOVE TO HAVE in places of power and influence.  Becker was probably a horrible father to his daughter Katie J. Becker (dob 7/1/85), so he thinks dads shouldn't be involved JUST LIKE HE wasn't involved (or as little involved).  Maybe he was hen pecked by his wife 

Becker will cite things like ONE STUDY from a mentally ill pedophile psychologist who says that children are better off with their moms, EVEN THOUGH every study out there shows that when a father is absent, children are at HIGH RISK for drug abuse, criminal activity, dropping out of school, suicide and all kinds of other dysfunction. We have an absent father epidemic in this country and Becker HELPS PUSH fathers out of children's lives through the courts. Or he will advise a dad at mediation, "You'll lose in court, take this deal." Why sellout like that?  Why give up so easily? Why not make the other side prove their case against you in court? Because that is TOO MUCH WORK for this coward. He would have to pick up his limp wrists and type something or write something or read your paperwork and prepare for trial.

Check out an example of what this egomaniac, pompous, aristocrat, out-of-touch weasel does:

Above is a link to a King Co. Bar meeting on the issue of "Legal Technicians" back in 2012.  Back then, a rule was being passed allowing paralegals to practice limited family law (advising litigants on how to proceed in court and writing their paperwork).  Idiots like Doug Becker thinks that ONLY ATTORNEYS know how to do this stuff, even though self-represented pro se's like me win in court all the time.  And paralegals do most of the work for the attorneys. Many of them have to ask their paralegals, "What does this mean? What am I going to court today for again? What's the facts? What's the issues."

And so Becker was speaking on "cleaning up the messes that LT's make."  But YOU AND I KNOW that attorneys are constantly screwing people over, selling them out, writing up incompetent parenting plans, etc. Notice there's also a couple of man- hating witches from Skellenger Bender who are guest speakers who will talk about how lawyers want to keep a monopoly on their profession and don't want to lose their perverted grip and control.

Check out the perverts and man-hating radical feminists that work at his law firm of Wechsler Becker, on their home page main picture, then "Our Attorneys" profiles:

Alan Funk is a weasel and wanna-be pretty boy who brags about NOT being an "attack dog" on his profile page. Yeah, just like Becker, he's a soft, limp wristed coward who wants to mainly mediate (and make easy money).

He also wants to be the "parenting coach" on your case.  DO NOT DO IT.  "Parenting coaches" are a money making scam. Why do you need to hire and pay someone to pass along your messages to your ex?  If you CAN get along, you don't need him. If you CAN'T get along then how does he help? He doesn't. He just collects money from you and usually tells the dad, "It's receommended that you just do what she says." Then if you don't agree with him, then you go to court. So, what's the point, other than an extra person who makes money on the case.  This dude is a used car salesman with a law degree that's not worth the paper it's written on.  Michael Louden is a pro tem (substitute) family law commissioner sometimes. I've seen plenty of incompetent rulings on his part. I've seen him be fair sometimes, but in general he defaults back to whatever the radical feminist agenda dictates. And all the other attorneys...well, JUST LOOK AT THEM.  

It's pretty much only attorneys who LOOK LIKE THAT who dominate and infiltrate the family law industry. Normal, healthy, good looking, down to earth people who aren't scorned, who aren't bitter, who have a chance at finding someone of the opposite sex...THOSE are the people not in family law. It's mostly those people with the looks, demeanor, physique, and agenda pictured below who get into this industry:

DOB:  10/05/1956

Lives with Carmen J. Burke at:
9635 - 88th Place NE
Bothell, WA 98011 
3401 Reuben Shelton Drive
Tulalip, WA 98271-9605
(360) 658-2725

Burke is in charge of grievances against lawyers at the WSBA, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.  He and Felice Congalton ALWAYS dismiss complaints initially as a routine to "weed out" cases and deter folks.  This is a gross disregard for his own duty of care and responsibility to protect the public.  It was Burke who investigated Don Ferrell (who has his own page on here entitled #1 Psycho Atty:  Don Ferrell.) Jon Burke APPROVES of everything Ferrell does.  

I've filed several bar complaints, for every time Ferrell acts up, and Burke always finds nothing wrong, except he wrote a private letter of reprimand when it was proven that Ferrell called an Asian attorney a "Lying chink".  Even though the WSBA found it to be true, they said they could not prove by a preponderance of evidence that the Rules of Professional Conduct were violated. So, the RPC doesn't stop racial slurs.  They think--or at least Jonathan Burke and a couple of his lily-white, male privilege comrades think that it's NOT a violation of attorney ethics to use racial slurs against other attorneys.

Jon Burke is THE #1 REASON that the following PERVERTS 
are sexually harassing women and still practicing law:

Donald Wayne Ferrell (see #1 Psycho Atty)

James Michael Gallagher (see profile below)

In the white-male dominated WSBA, especially under Robert Weldon, the office is a haven for sexual harassment and racism.  Maybe that's why Burke loves Don Ferrell so much.  Ferrell is the epitome of a sexual deviant predator and a crusty old redneck racist.  A bunch of old white men are in charge and the WSBA is a cess pool of vermin where perverts can flourish.  Think about it:  if you want to sexually harass a woman at work, you do it at the WSBA !  If she sues the WSBA, then ITS OWN MEMBERS are the judge and attorneys in that lawsuit.   

What would Jon Burke do if someone sexually harassed his daughter, JUST LIKE these attorneys do to other women?  Why does he repeatedly approve of such sexual deviancy? Maybe he's pedophile or sexually deviant pervert, and racist bigot himself. That's the only explanation.

Attorney Cathy Blinka was terminated after she "blew the whistle" on the WSBA's practice of sex harassment, abuse, discrimination and more.  The WSBA will control and manipulate and abuse.  And if you do or say something about it, then you will be swiftly punished.  It's like they are their own secret society and cult.  And Jon Burke is one of the master grand wizards/ priests of perversion.  Hence, Jon Burke APPROVED of the women-abusing tactics of 73-year-old pervert Don Ferrell.  Burke also found that Ferrell's pattern of abuse of women and losing cases on purposes, then luring them into his home--that was not worth the WSBA pursuing. One client successfully sued Ferrell for malpractice. But Burke dismissed that issue since it only had to do with "malpractice, not ethical violations".  But, malpractice IS violating the ethical code.  This is how mentally ill and deranged Burke is.  So, it was not something worth the WSBA's time, to investigate 20 abused/manipulated female clients.  But, don't just thank Burke that perverts like Ferrell still roam the court halls, abusing at least one woman now.    These folks also APPROVED of Ferrell's racist abuse of women (which may also have been a sex offense, since he could have been secretly videotaping them).  Thank these attorneys that a predator is on the loose: 

(1)Zachary Mosner  DOB 4/24/1952   (also profiled below)  
805 - 100th Ave. SE     
Bellevue, WA  

(2) Seth Aaron Fine, DOB 9/1/1956
6724 - 183rd St. SW
Lynnwood, WA 98037

(3) Lawrence Jay Kuznetz, DOB 5/13/52
4717 S. Pittsburg Street
Spokane, WA 99223-6556 
(4) Shea Cornelison Meehan DOB 9/3/1974
5500 Aloha Drive
West Richland, WA  99353-7917

(5) Thomas A. Cena, Jr. DOB 9/9/1946
2508  N. Junett Street
Tacoma, WA 98406-7114
(253) 752-6040
(6) Felice P. Congalton  DOB 5/17/1951
6277 - 79th Ave. SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040-4828
(206) 232-5502 & (206) 623-8300

(7) David Cullen  DOB 12/1/1947
1800 Cooper Pt. Rs. SW, Suite 11
Olympia, WA 98502-1179
3200 Amhurst Street SE
Olympia, WA 98501-3925
(360) 786-6500
(360) 375-6097

8) George Fearing DOB 10/24/1957 
606/614 Sanford Ave.
Richland, WA 99352-3845

Alcoholic, sexually harassing, deviant pervert who loves to watch porn in court right before or during hearings

(Jonathan H. Burke from the WSBA loves this fat, greasy dough boy)

James Michael Gallagher, Jr.

WSBA # 12645 (since 11/2/1982)
DOB:  7/1/49 

Lives with/cheats on 
Betty K. Gallagher (3/26/50) at:

23616 NE 135th Way 
Redmond, WA 98053  

(1) alcoholic
(2) gropes his own employees
(3) watches porn in court
(4) brags about his alcohol collection at office
(5) flirts with opposing parties at depos
(6) shows up to court with alcohol on breath
(7) brags about his houses and cars to the opposing parties, other attorneys and employees he flirts with (to make up for his obviously fat & ugly stature)
(8) brags about all the sex he gets for pro bono work from female clients and just in general about the sex he gets on the side from his millionaire lifestyle.

J. Michael Gallagher is THE SECOND most sexually deviant pervert in the family law industry behind Donald Ferrell.  Because Gallagher is goofy looking, built disproportionately, the ONLY way he can get women is by flaunting his money, houses, cars and brag about how he hustles clients at $425/hour.  Just LOOK at him and you will see how repulsive he is. He's a legend in his own mind and that's why a couple of his own secretaries quit on him. He couldn't help keep his hands off of his own employees. Even though he is married, he cannot salve his sexually deviant appetite (kind of like Stuart Greenberg, a sexually deviant criminal who was loved, adored and respected in the family law industry, but was so pathetically desperate, like Gallagher is for women, that he secretly videotaped them).

Sexually harasses his own secretaries

Here's a Seattle Times article from 1993, which describes two ex-secretaries who were sexually harassed by Gallagher at his office:

Notice the hypocrisy (typical of a vermin sleazeball family law attorney):  Gallagher also worked on cases involvement employment discrimination and sexual harassment. Notice in the article that he tried to get the case dismissed because his business is too small to qualify as an employer who could be sued by his female employee victims. So, Gallagher set this up! His office is a hell hole for him acting out his fantasies that his wife won't provide and that he could never get growing up, being the goofy-looking, sloppy, ugly dork that he is.  And he protects himself by making sure that he doesn't employ too many people or he can get sued. Sound like the same mindset of sociopath Don Ferrell, except Ferrell abuses his female clients in his own home.

Okay, back to the fat, greasy, nerd who can't get enough from his own wife, Betty (or maybe she approves just like a rock star or NBA long as she gets her perks it doesn't matter that he sleeps with multiple women).

So, I've heard nightmare stories that Gallagher has pictures of naked women in his office. That's consistent with his ex-secretaries that sued him.

The "Oreo Cookie" sexual harassment

A black female attorney once told me that she was standing in the court hallway with another attorney (also a black female).  Michael Gallagher walked up to them and said, "Man, I'd love to be the cream in between that Oreo cookie."  This Pillsbury Dough Boy doesn't stop even at his own office, but he sexually harasses his own peers, in the WSBA. This also reminds me of Donald Ferrell who cannot contain himself (he called a young Asian female attorney a "lying chink"--the documentary proof is on my page about Don Ferrell).

The "guess the muff" game with clients

Check out the link below and see the disturbing March 13, 2012 complaint about Gallagher by a disgruntled client:

Notice that this client's complaints run the gamut, from Gallagher failing to file paperwork, overcharging, checking his Facebook right before hearings, and then showing his client various women on his cell phone asking his client to guess whether her pubic hair was shave or not.  Also notice in the link above that this ex-client ALSO states that he personally observed Gallagher:

 "...sexually harass his secretaries it was quiet repulsive. As well as very visibly embarrassing, physically uncomfortable and humiliating for his secretaries.  On numerous court dates he showed up to the court house wreaking of alcohol..."

Flattering himself (legend in his own Bob's Big Boy head)

Again, since Gallagher is so goofy looking, he needs another method to attract women to feed his desperate sexual appetite that built up all those years that he could not get a woman in high school.  (He's built funny like Wimpy from Popeye...average build up top and big fat and round below...I've only see women have this type of bodily issue before...or you could say he looks like a rusty old version of Bob's Big Boy).

In any case, he has to brag to women, secretaries, clients, female attorneys and EVEN OPPOSING parties in a case, that he has cars, houses, etc.  One horror story was told to me by a woman who was forced into mediation at Gallagher's hell-hole office. Instead of the mediator going back and forth between rooms for mediation, Gallagher himself made sure he went back and forth between rooms, while flirting with his client's ex-wife. He bragged about his LIQUOR collection at the office too.

He's a drama queen in court 
(what an effeminate girly man)

In high school, or the real world, Gallagher would not be able to get away with his sexually harassing antics--only in the perverted world of family law, where pedophiles, drunks, sociopaths, child abusers and perverts abound.

Another thing he would not be able to get away with in the real world is being such a crying, whining, effeminate, drama queen.  He would get beat up in high school, or get laughed at by any other co-workers if he acted like such a woman in any other work environment, but he is THE DRAMA QUEEN of ALL drama queens! When he's in court JUST WATCH HIM....moan, cry, whine, flail his arms in court. You'd think he was about to faint, the way he puts on a show during a hearing. When I got a CD of one of my hearings in front of nut-job, airhead, psycho Judge Jim Rogers, the clerk accidentally also put a Gallagher case on the recording.  He was being such a little girl and having such a cat fight with the opposing attorney, that Judge Rogers had to warn him to calm down.

Gallagher is the guy with the cheesy late-night commercials and the bow tie and sunglasses on top of his head who walks into a courtroom like he owns the place and, again, charges $425/hour.  For what?  Being a sexually deviant, sociopathic, transgender drama queen!  

And he will often be seen on the phone with a client while at court so he's likely double-dipping (billing the client at the courthouse and the client who he is on the phone with), totaling $850/hour at those times.

He will fight hard for women (as any other lawyer will) but he often gets railroaded when representing men.  He once told a male client, "You have no chance at custody or 50/50, so I'm not even going to try."  Not even going to try?  I got full custody without an attorney.  He's been an attorney for over 3 decades and he won't even try? His cheesy, late-night commercials and website say, "Don't Be a Weekend Parent".   But, that's EXACTLY what he wants his guy clients to be. He doesn't want to lift a finger. He wants easy money.  That same client he said, "I'm not even going to try." Well, that client demanded that he fight and when Gallagher was arguing with him NOT to fight and to TAKE WHATEVER he got and be happy about it, Gallagher said, "You got another $3,500 for me."  The client replied, "Not right now." Then Gallagher said, "I'm of the case." Click! End of phone call.

When Gallagher advertises to hire for paralegals, he talks about the parties they have at the office every Friday and how it's such a fun environment. 

Even in one of his commercials he ADMITS that it's FUNNY for a wife to abuse the court system against a husband and "ruin my husband's new year". Check out the audacity of this child abusing, arrogant prick to have this commercial on TV and online....

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
James Michael Gallagher Commercial
Notice the elements of misandry and sociopath like glee and delight in ruining someone else.

He obviously does not take his work seriously.  Of course it's a big party if you're collecting $850/hour and waltzing in and out of court, reading the paperwork the day of a hearing and while your flirting with other attorneys, you only have to make a quick 5 minute oral argument--and for Gallagher, he gets to act out his deepest fantasies and his inner girl comes out in court, acting like the woman he always wanted to be, whining and moaning and crying wolf or playing victim for his clients.  What a hustler! What a con! What a simp! What a legend in his own mind! 

DOB  4/13/1970
Lives with wife Kristin E. Pugh at:
607 North "M" Street
Tacoma, WA  98403-1409

Michele earns $93,834 to sit at her desk at the Commission on Judicial Conduct (CJC) and repeatedly DENY legitimate complaints against judges.  Why? Because that's what the brotherhood does.

And why is this sexual deviant, unethical attorney working for the CJC when the CJC's job is to review ETHICAL complaints about judges?  I guess it's par for the course. When the justice system is hijacked by radical feminists, man-haters, child molesters, perverts, psychos and sociopaths, then who better to review complaints than "one of them".

Michele was a prosecutor who got fired from the City of Seattle.  Why?  Because she was have a sexual affair with defense attorney, Ann Danieli.  When Ann was running for judge, news of her affair with "the other side of the courtroom", Michele Slotemaker, hit the fan.  So, Ann sold her clients out, and would give Prosecutor Slotemaker plea deals for whatever Ann thought was so hot about Michele (eeessssshhh!). Having sexual affairs amongst attorneys is nothing new. But, opposite sides of the courtroom is as bad as it gets. It happened with a prosecutor and defense attorney in Federal Way before, causing a scandal and overhaul.  David Kontos, a pro tem commissioner, was caught having sex in the courthouse with a clerk.  So, was Lenoid Ponomarchuk. Ex-Judge Michael Hecht used to pick up underage boy prostitutes right by the courthouse then threaten to kill them if they snitched on him.  So, Michele Slotemaker's history of "pleas for sleaze" is grievous, but not a complete shocker. Here's one report on how news got out about then-prosecutor Slotemaker having the audacity to sleep with the defense attorney And Danieli...

So, what tipped me off to Michele Slotemaker?  Well, she was the CJC employee who reviewed my complaint against that incompetent buffoon Judge Jim Rogers and his kangaroo court.  I have a whole page on My Crazy Judgethat shows what an anti-father bigot, or complete imbecile Judge Rogers is.  It's got to be one or the other.

Michele Slotemaker could have and should have at least found that Judge Rogers was biased, if not incompetent. He IGNORED basic MANDATORY law and refused to order my daughter's mom to pay her share of medical and daycare.  That NEVER HAPPENS.  But, he did it because he's not going to make a non-custodial mother pay her fair share. Now, I can handle raising my daughter. I've been doing it her whole life without her abandoning deadbeat mom. But, Judge Rogers wasted 2 years of my life, forcing me to FIX his decision and get him reversed.  A decision that I warned him about in multiple reconsideration motions. I gave him a chance to get it right.  He refused and dared me to appeal him. And now he often rules against me out of a personal, vindictive vendetta.

And Michele thinks that's perfectly fine!  Why should she care?!  She got people THROWN IN JAIL who were innocent and racked up points for the City of Seattle's prosecutor's office.  She destroyed lives and ostensibly salved her nymphomaniac appetite on the side while at it.  Why should she care if Judge Rogers is taking time, money and energy away from the life of a custodial father.  My page on Rogers demonstrate the outrageous misconduct and how his courtroom is out of control and he lets a sex offender racist run his courtroom.  And Michele loves out of control courtrooms that are dominated by sexual deviants.  So, Judge Rogers got an "A-Okay" and a "thumbs up" by Michele on that one too.

Why should Michele care? She does NOTHING by the book. Word has it that the children that she and her wife Kristin have were basically hijacked through the corrupt channels of the CPS system (where children are often taken from good parents for no legitimate reason).  But, cess pools of corruption are where Michele bathes.  She thrives where there is corruption, misconduct, and underhanded dirty play. How could anyone ever expect a legit complaint being properly investigate with Michele Slotemaker at the helm. 

It is noteworthy that Judge Michael Hecht was disciplined by the CJC when he was threatening to kill little boys while they were doing God knows what with him in an alleyway behind the courthouse. But, the ONLY reason the CJC kicked him off the bench was because Hecht was convicted in a high profile criminal case.

Cases like mine fly under the radar.  We peons are of no concern to the elites like Michele Slotemaker.  Her job is to push paper and make complaints go away.

By the way, Judge Rogers was a prosecutor also, but with King County. That made him an even closer of kin to Michele in the "brotherhood", beyond just being a WSBA member.  Rogers was well-known and well-liked in King County, before he became a megalomaniac judge and lost his doggone mind.  So she can't let her friend get in trouble with the CJC, right?  Hence, she "approves" of all of the madness you seen on the My Crazy Judge page.


DOB:  11/03/1959

Lives with wife Michelle E. Levey at:
714 North Sheridan Ave.
Tacoma, WA  98403-1418
(253) 572-8770
(253) 507-7699

This pathetic human sloth can be described with ANY synonym of cowardly, soft, lazy, timid, pacifist, sissy, effeminate or any other adjective that you can think of when you think of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.
This guy will do ANYTHING to AVOID court.  He will do anything to avoid trial, conflict, having to work hard, having to man up, or having to fulfill his ETHICAL DUTY to fight aggressively for you. In fact, Kenneth will TALK YOU OUT OF fighting for your children!  Check out the Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys.  Read number 1.3.  Levey epitomizes the OPPOSITE of this ethical duty of "diligence".  He also violates 1.1 and 1.4 on a regular basis.

Is your ex VIOLATING a court-ordered parenting plan?  Do you want to do a contempt motion to get them in trouble for the violation?  DON'T call on Kenneth Levey.  He will tell you it's not worth it.  He would RATHER you MISS OUT on your life with your child!  But, what does he care?  They're not his kids! He's collecting a $5,000 retainer from you and he's billing against it with phone calls, letters, talking to the other attorney (about nothing), sitting in on mediation (that's fruitless), etc. etc.   I've had MULTIPLE fathers tell me that Ken Levey talked them out of trying to do a contempt motion.  While Levey sat on his hands, those fathers missed out on week after week, and month after month of visitation with their children.  All because this limp wristed, punk, sissy effeminate coward of a man did NOT want to even try to do a contempt motion.  He talked one client out of it by saying, "You only have a 40% chance of winning."  Huh?  Why not still go for it?  I personally was told I had a 0% chance of getting equal visitation, and I got FULL custody on my own!

Just look at his website which reads:

"Ken Levey is committed to helping you resolve your
legal matters in the...least stressful way possible."

That means "I want to take as much money from you as possible with as little effort as possible and TALK YOU INTO selling out and settling for less, just so I don't have to break a sweat."

How are you supposed to FIGHT A WAR in court by doing the "least stressful" thing?  What if your ex is trying to financially rape you?  What if he or she is falsely accusing you?  What if he/she is brainwashing your children or manipulating them and withholding them?  What does Levey want to do?  He wants to throw up the white flag and take the pacifist approach and take it lying down!

I've had more than one person approach me and tell of the following utterly pathetic, inhumane, incompetent work of Levey as follows:  A couple of dads who were being deprived of visitation at the hands of their ex's.  What's Levey's solution?  File a contempt and hold them accountable, right?  Make sure the courts sanction the ex for doing this horrible thing to the child (depriving them of a father)! That's what any aggressive attorney would do right?  NOT THIS PATHETIC simp and effeminate sellout to his own gender and dads everywhere!

He told these fathers that it's a WASTE to do a contempt motion. He told them that their children DON'T want to go, so they can't do anything about it. What? So, the CHILDREN DICTATE what this lawyer does?  He lets CHILDREN intimidate him from fighting with his client?  So, the mothers in those cases...all she had to do was violate a court order and Levey convinces his clients to surrender?

In one case, he called the mom's attorney and "negotiated" about her contempt.  He dropped any threat to do a contempt motion. But, he got "make up" visitation for the father, for the time missed, right?  WRONG!  Levey not only talked about nothing and got nothing and SURRENDERED, but he also turned around and BILLED the dad for the time he spent doing NOTHING but talking.  Then he bailed out on the dad at the last minute right before trial.

This is not only the opposite of diligent, it's incompetence.  Look on my page Proof of James' Wins.  I got my daughter's mother found in contempt ON MY FIRST TRY, against a veteran attorney.  On top of that, you can click on this Supreme Court case called In re Marriage of Rideout, 150 Wn.2d 337, 77 P.3d 1174 (2003) and read what it says.  A mother of a 13 year old refused to let her go with the dad. The dad did a contempt motion and got the mother found in contempt. She appealed and lost. She appealed again to the Washington State Supreme Court and she said that she COULD NOT MAKE the 13-year-old go with the dad and she didn't want to go.  The Supreme Court say that was no excuse.  They said the mother was obligated to make the child go with the father.   So, she was in contempt. Read it for yourself.

But, NOOOOOOOOOO, not this punk, sissy, coward, pathetic excuse for a man, Kenneth Levey. He told another client, "We can't do contempt.  It's a waste of money. The child doesn't want to go with you. You can't do anything about it. Let's NOT EVEN TRY.  You can use your money for something else."

Well, guess what?  He bailed on one of those clients after doing NOTHING ELSE.  Not only is he the typical hustler and con, Levey should be embarrassed if he is a father.  His children should be embarrassed that they have two feminine parents.  He's a sellout to fatherhood, his own gender and his profession.

If you want to put forth the least amount of blood, sweat and tears in your case in the "least stressful way possible", then Levey is your man!!  He'll get you to lose real fast, real easy, without breaking a sweat.  But, you will endure regret, pain and suffering until your children are 18 years old !

I would file a bar complaint against this dude and sue him for malpractice, if he ever passively represented me and stole my money from me like that !!  Everyone who gets hustled, lied to and extorted by him should do the same !!

DOB:  08/27/1952
8043 W. Mercer Way
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 236-2769
So, how does Sue Tamblyn live in a $2.5 million home on the southwestern tip of prestigous Mercer Island?  By financially raping men who oppose her in family law cases with high assets.  But, her desire to "take the money and run" is not the #1 reason that she tops the list of perverts and sociopaths on this list. (Notice the typical "hideous witch look" that is a common theme among women attorneys in family court).

Ms. Tamblyn is on here because she is a sellout to HER OWN GENDER. Financial rape of fathers and husbands is not her only specialty.  If you look at her profile at the website of STK Law Firm, you will see her "Professional Experience".  And notice WHO she was working with from 1993 to 1996:

And who is Donald Ferrell?  Well, I devote an entire page to him right here and explain how he is a racist, woman-abusing, sexual deviant sociopath:  #1 Psycho Atty.  

*** Update:   Sue Tamblyn still good friends with Ferrell ***

Check out the email that was forwarded to me by Don Ferrell, whether on purpose or by accident...

So Ferrell sent her a joke about Catholics. She said it was funny. She loves yucking it up with him. Then he sends a jokes about attorneys being snakes. Pretty funny huh? Not if you ARE an attorney and you have a history of abusing and sexually harassing somen clients like Ferrell does. And Tamblyn is his good friend. And notice that Ferrell further admits to enjoying racial jokes too. That continues to affirm how he feels after the WSBA found that he called an Asian attorney a "lying chink", but of course they did nothing about it.

She definitely looks as creepy as Ferrell does.  If you think she looks like the typical Hollywood depiction of a hideously ugly psycho witch, it's because she IS ONE. She doesn't merely just look the part. She's a yuppy, priviledged Mercer Island aristocrat, so why does she care about people of color, the middle class, or even her own gender.
Maybe Sue's allegiance to Ferrell's friendship is because she worked with Ferrell and "climbed the ladder" in the family law world, during her tenure with this pervert. What does that mean? That means that she APPROVES of an attorney who:  (1) loses on purpose, (2) when he loses, he flirts with his female clients, (3) then he invites them to live with them after he made them broke, (4) after they are suckered into living with him, he likely videotapes them secretly, (5) he drags cases out forever and then appeals the losses that he lost on purpose, ensuring that he makes thousands of dollars more on a case, (6) he called an Asian female attorney a "lying chink", (7) he harasses and threatens everyone around him, calling attorneys and witnesses at 3:00 a.m., because he doesn't have a life.   The #1 Psycho Atty page has documentary evidence PROVING this.  It's not even debatable.


And check out this extremely disturbing case. I describe in on my page about Ferrell, but it's worth noting here.  The following is a case in which Ferrell intentionally lost in Superior Court. He was in the courthouse, but did not show up with his client. He left her hanging in the courtroom alone. Then he appealed, which was a guaranteed loss.  Yet, he charged his client thousands. And guess who was helping Ferrell abuse his female client and take money from her?  It was Sue's daughter-in-law, Sara Tamblyn, pictured below the case.  Sue has passed on her whorish, sellout ways to Sara, so they both can abuse women clients and extort them for all they've got.

Sara B. Tamblyn (DOB 7/10/70)
13517 - 209th Ave. SE
Issaquah, WA 998027-8487
(425) 226-9944

Most likely, if you faced Sue, you saw a whole bunch of dirty, low-down, unprofessional tricks from her, on top of her evil audacity to rape you financially. Well, she learned them from her good friend and mentor, Don Ferrell. Then she became partner with him!  The years 1995 - 1996 were the years that Ferrell really learned how to get away with abusing women clients.  His reign of terror was in full swing at this time.  And Sue Tamblyn was RIGHT THERE with him, approving of how he manipulated female clients for an easy buck! And helping him do it!
And why would Sue even care about the women clients that Ferrell abused?  She's making money at the firm and she's probably jealous and mad at most women in the world anyway, since she looks hideous and it's likely that every female client of Ferrell's at their firm looked 10x more socially acceptable than Sue.  (There's nothing wrong with being unnattractive, but when you have a Cinderella, step sister, hater syndrome, and you abuse your professional position to destroy lives, then YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
If you are facing Sue Tamblyn, file a WSBA grievance against her for every violation of the RPC and her oath under APR 5(e).  If you don't know what those are, look them up!  If she is your attorney and she is dragging your case out (a Ferrell tactic) and saying, "Let's not fight, mediation is the way", she is trying to COST YOU MORE in the end and make EASY money off of you.  (She'll set you up with one of her mediator buddies whom she has a handshake agreement with, AFTER she drains you with phone call billing and other stuff that is unnecessary--making thousands for her and her buddy).
DOB: 4/24/1952 805 - 100th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98004 (425) 679-6242 Zach is on here for "guilt by association". He APPROVES of the racism, and systematic, perverted abuse of at least 20 women clients that Don Ferrell committed. Who's Ferrell? Read the page #1 Psycho Attorney and see PROOF of Ferrell calling an Asian attorney a "chink" and how he manipulates and abuses women clients and lures them into his home after INTENTIONALLY tanking their cases. And Mosner APPROVES of all of this! How? Mosner was the "Chairperson" of the Review Committee who RARELY gets attorneys in trouble, for the most part. He helped protect Ferrell and the good ol' boy network of perverts who abuse their position. Heck, he probably idolizes doctors/dentists who molest women while under sedation. (The case of Cathy Blinka v. WSBA shows evidence of prevalent sexual harassment and racism and punishment for whistle blowers in the white-male dominated offices at the WSBA). On 7/6/2007, Zach signed ruling that Ferrell has never done anything wrong (see #1 Psycho page for all the things Zach approves of). This ruling is the .pdf right above this profile, so you can see Zach's autograph, approving of the conduct that I complained about at that time. Don't let his creepy, stalker, stare make you think that he is a family law attorney weasel, like Ferrell is (although that may indicate that perverts of the same feather flock together). Good ol' Zach is an Assist. Attorney General making $105,339/year. A Google search for him shows him only hanging out with the privileged white male elite aristocrats. No wonder he doesn't care if women and minorities are abused by Ferrell.
DOB: 06/08/1967 Gina M. & Jeffrey N. Auter 4143 - 44th Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98116 (206) 937-5388 If you oppose Gina Auter YOU NEED TO FILE A BAR COMPLAINT against her because she is constantly violating the Rules of Professional Conduct and likely doing the same in your case. Google "Rules of Professional Conduct Washington" and read how many she is violating, especially RPC 3.3, 3.4 and 4.4. Then Google "Admission to Practice Rules Washington" and look at APR 5(e)#7. The last time a legit bar compaint was filed against her, she COWARDLY quit the case because she was exposed and didn't want to mess up the game/hustle/con that she runs in Pierce County. She was FALSIFYING her clients documents. The mother supposedly wrote declarations and signed them. But, GINA wrote them and used an electronic signature. The mother had nothing to do with it. When this was exposed, BAM! She was GONE! For the most part, folks rarely file complaints because they are intimidated by her out-of-control, pychotic, hostile harassing episodes in the court halls, or on the phone and "off the record" and most civilized, normal human beings just want her to go away. Ever seen "Dumb and Dumber"? The scene in which Jim Carey makes "the most annoying sound in the world" while they are driving in the van? Or heard the noise a Raptor makes in "Jurassic Park"? THAT'S Gina Auter RIGHT THERE! The ultimate annoying sound and high decibel screeching of an incessant, painfully irritating NAG! Ever known anyone who complains 24/7 about everything? That's Gina Auter on steroids. And she has found THE ONLY profession in life that allows her to be who she really is. She would get fired anywhere else for just making everyone's (co-workers, clients) lives MISERABLE. Such is the life of a bi-polar, personality disorder, narcissistic sociopath. So, when you are at the court house in the halls MAKE SURE YOU PULL OUT YOUR CELL PHONE AND VIDEOTAPE you HAVE PROOF of her tirades, and I will post your video on this website if you get it to me. Don't worry about her frothing-at-the-mouth, rabid pit bull conduct. She won't bite. She's only venting likely because her dad did not hug her and she doesn't get enough of nagging and punking her hen-pecked husband Jeffrey. It's a personality disorder thing. As a sociopath, she has an insatiable appetite to bully and harass. And family law is the #1 public arena that pychotic sociopaths like her can thrive. Like a starving wolf, frothing at the mouth, starving in a wasteland, Gina has to salve this insatiable appetite of hers...she is constantly on the prowl for a victim to vent and gratify her psychosis. But, her "off the record" words are just a bunch of hot air. When she yells at an opposing attorney, "I can't believe you have the gall to represent this human garbage!", she is being the epitome of a hypocrite because of how she represents child abusers and gets them custody of the children ALL FOR A QUICK $$. Like a child slave a madame. Turning tricks and destroying others' lives for her own personal financial gain. Jeffrey must be so proud ! But, she does not have as much control over you as you think she does. The power is in NUMBERS. If EVERYONE who has experienced her misconduct WOULD SIMPLY FILE a bar complaint, then she would likely GET disciplined/suspended. Gina not only has a typical witch look and appearnace, but she plays the part. She's not satisfied JUST motioning the court on legit issues...she has to OBSESSIVELY motion the court on petty matters, harass you or your attorney, switch hearings around, IN ORDER TO RACK UP A HIGHER BILL and then PROJECT blame on YOU for why she's in court. It's part of her sociopath nature. But, it's also a planned legal tactic. Family court is the only place in society that she can practice such a dark, macabre abuse of power to inflict psychological pain on people. She epitomizes and embodies all horror movie villians who feed off of and derive pleasure from other people's pain. If it wasn't for family court, she would likely be in jail herself. ONE THING that she does regularly is she will draft statements from clients then use their ELECTRONIC signature. They NEVER see a thing. So, really, SHE is testifying...or her Paralegal Keri is, under the guise of the client's signature. So, she is the Pierce County equivalent of Don Ferrell. There may be some attorneys AS BAD, but none MORE psychotic than her and Ferrell. Also, Gina has many RICH clients, but she will STILL try and get YOU to pay the attorney fees by court order. It is a HUSTLE from her firm to collect from the client AND ALSO get attorney fees from you. So she's DOUBLE DIPPING ! You should also report this to the WSBA so they will audit her firm, which disturbingly has CHILD MOLESTORS working there. Gina Auter does everything she can to destroy father/child relationships. She creates conflict when none is there. She particularly REPRESENTS MOTHERS who ABUSE children and then she falsifies court documents and pushes the fathers out. She's JUST AS BAD as someone who steps in and handcuffs a father who is trying to rescue his own child from predators. She PUSHES OUT the VERY parent that will PROTECT the child from her abusive clients. She is a CHILD ABUSER OF THE WORST MOLD, because she LIES AND LIES to get court orders to isolate children WITH abusers. Moreover, she is friends with many commissioners and judges. Some attorneys say there are rumblings that Gina had an affair with a female judge and a commissioner in Pierce County. I wouldn't put it past her. She's definiely close to Kathryn Nelson (the biggest--literally--manhater in Washington). As you can see from Nelson's profile, she's 90% responsible for the Powell children being dead. And Gina Auter LOVES Kathryn Nelson. The vast majority of attorneys hate dealing with Gina because of her unprofessional antics, harassment and just because they just don't wanna be around that "crazy, psycho (multiple bad names they've called her)". If you don't believe Pierce County Superior Court is a sicko environment, just look at my Worst Judges page and go to LINX and read the cases I cite. And Gina Auter is IN ON the scam in family court ! But, does Gina care? No. She makes $$$$. Does she care that she is the equivalent of a child slave trader, since she takes children from safe environments and gets them placed with her psychotic, mentally ill, alcholic, drug using and/or physically abusive clients or gets them placed with moms who have dangerous boyfriends? No! She makes $$$$ destroying children. It appears that her and Jeffrey have no kids of their own, so why would she care? Most folks need an aggressive attorney to advocate for them. That's an admirable trait. But, Gina goes egregiously beyond that. If you have NO ETHICS yourself and you want Gina to psychologically abuse your ex by abusing him through the court system, then hire Gina. She's your rabid roll dog! I don't know how you will sleep at night, though.
DOB: 07/15/1978 800 N. Devine Road Vancouver, WA 98661 This dude has ONLY been practicing 2 years and it shows. If you're a father, DO NOT touch this dude with a 10 foot pole. He JUST DROPPED a dad who was a victim of DV (yes, women assault men and most often use weapons to overcome their smaller size). Did Joshua recommend that the dad allege that the mom assaulted him? Nope! He said that will never work, don't even put it on paper. Is THAT what lawyers do now? They DON'T EVEN TRY to allege what they are going for. His tactics are about as bizarre and freakish as his nerdy, weasel-ish looks. ALSO, the mother TOOK OFF with the child and the father doesn't know where she is. So, Joshua hurried to court to get an emergency order for custody and restraining the mother from taking off out of state, right? NOPE ! Joshua, in his infinite wisdom said, "That will LOOK DESPERATE.' What? Huh? LOOK desperate? So, if a child is abducted by a pedophile a parent should NOT have a press conference and plead for the child's return, or not call the police or not beg for volunteers to help find the child because that LOOKS DESPERATE! So, while the child is being abducted away and mother endangering child, Pops PATIENTLY set a hearing a couple weeks out to EVENTUALLY decide the child's placement. What the blank is wrong with this out-of-touch with reality, incompetent tool? THIS DUDE got a LAW DEGREE? God help the human race from eliminating ourselves through THIS kind of stupidity! You get the point. Steer clear from this jokester who HELPS a mother GET AWAY with Custodial Interference and TAKING FLIGHT with a child. Oh yeah, she's mentally ill, abused meds, and again has assaulted the dad. Yes, the dad should have known better, but NOW that it's TIME to PROTECT the CHILD, why is POPS goes the WEASEL attorney serving up the child to an abuser?
DOB: 9/27/1957 16104 SE 249th Pl Covington, WA 98042 Attorneys salivate when they hear that their opponent is Kontos. This sloth is the easiest pushover in King County. David is an all-around, all-star on this list. He has a little bit of the worst of every corrupt attorney on here: (1) had sex at the courthouse while he was a judge, (2) has sex with female clients for free service, (3) REFUSES to do work on cases for clients and argues with them why he should NOT do depositions, trial prep, revisions, etc. (4) he rarely reads paperwork--probably THE laziest attorney in King County. I once worked with TWO paralegals who worked at Kontos' office. I was told he would head out the office and ask, "What am I supposed to be arguing today?" One paralegal INTENTIONALLY drafted paperwork with errors to TEST Kontos. He STILL signed off on them, proving that he doesn't read any pleadings. Most of his staff left in about 2007 because Kontos hired his own client/girlfriend Anita Amantea. She was psychotic, with an anger problem and tried to control the entire office. Kontos, being whipped, let her do so. Kontos was representing her for free on a case, then BAM! all of a sudden Anita was in love with him, staying at his home, working at his office, driving a new car he bought her, while he put her through school. Isn't it miraculous how Kontos, Cassady and Ferrell can woo these pretty ladies 20 - 40 years younger than them, into living with them or dating them? She's likely dumped him by now. Kontos used to be a "pro tem" (substitute/backup) commissioner in Kent. He got kicked off that rotation of attorneys who do that work. It was rumored that he was excused because he actually was getting it on in courthouse facilities with someone. Kontos will take COPIES of a client's signature and scan it on documents. Then he will file it in court, UNBEKNOWNST to the CLIENT. He has a little Don Ferrell sociopath syndrome in this regard. He wants cases to go HIS way. He often FAILS to file stuff on time. Or he gives excuses why he will NOT do something for a client. This is the most pathetic thing and most lame excuse I heard for not doing your job (proving what a limp wristed, punk, sissy, feminine coward he is): Kontos once told a client that he would NOT do a deposition (sworn interview) of witnesses because he likes to "catch them off guard, on the stand". But Kontos will NEVER go to trial or even be prepared for one. Moreover, you can STILL catch someone OFF guard at a deposition. Plus, you will KNOW their answers at trial. Not only is a lazy coward and shiftless, his excuses for being lazy make him sound even more dumb. But, you won't find out all this until you are $5,000 or more into him. His nickname among other attorneys is "milktoast". He is also called the "mayor of Kent" because he spends so much time at the courthouse, he has no time to work on cases (maybe he's on the prowl for another court staff honey to procreate with at the courthouse). He's the sissy, lazy version of Don Ferrell (at least Ferrell will put up a fight for some clients).
DOB: 01/23/1942 6819 - 51st Street Court West University Place, WA 98467-2288 Another product of the psychos and perverts in Pierce County! Larry looks like Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazard, but with more hair. And he's just as dumb as the character depicted on the TV show. His fat and greasy appearance is symbolic of how slick and slimy he is with how he practices: overcharging, he won't use a paralegal, like normal attorneys (so he can charge you HUNDREDS for mailing docs, checking emails, confirming hearings, routine stuff that paralegals do at cheap rates). If you want to GO TO JAIL, then hire Larry! He recently told a male client, "Go ahead and talk to your ex wife. It's okay." But, there was a RESTRAINING ORDER in place! His client didn't understand the language so he relied on Larry's input. If his client would have FOLLOWED the advice of Larry then his client could have faced felony charges. But, Couture's stupidity is not limited to lawyering. He is a Pro Tem (substitute) Commissioner in family court. ALL ATTORNEYS in Pierce County say that Larry is always angry when he is a Commissioner. He just vents and spews his disgust for those in front of him and MAKES UP HIS OWN LAW AND RULES. One time a woman cited the court rules to him and he shut down and ignored her and moved on to another issue (because she made him look as stupid as he really is, for not knowing them). His incompetence in court equals that of Scott Candoo. Maybe it's because he's senile or maybe it's because he's the same type of alcoholic that Candoo is. In any case, he's destroying the integrity of the legal profession and of the court system simultaneously.
DOB: 11/24/1946 Sergio & Belinda Armijo 4912 North 21st Street Tacoma, WA 98406-3412 You do not even need my help to find out what a completely idiotic, incompetent bafoon that this goofball is. Just look at this article in the Tacoma News Tribune: MULTIPLE clients complain of him not even showing up for court hearings. I have seen his paperwork on cases that was COMPLETELY FILLED OUT WRONG. I have seen him hustle and take advantage of Hispanic clients who struggle with English. He barely lifts a finger and his clients have no clue that when they lose in court it's all his fault. It's easier to "pimp" them because of the language barrier (it's hard enough for those fluent in English to navigate the courts). When Armijo was a judge, he was taken off the calendar for several months. Why? It is well-rumored that it was because he was being investigated for giving good grades to female students FOR SEX, at a local college where he taught legal classes. How did this imbacilic sexual deviant EVER BECOME A JUDGE??? Oh yeah, he was appointed by Governor Mike Lowry who did not run for a 2nd term due to a SEXUAL HARASSMENT scandal. It's a tragic, but not suprising coincidence that Armijo was voted out and replaced by none other that Michael Hecht, who was later convicted of soliciting male prostitutes near the courthouse (who were underaged, whom he threatened to kill). And, as a side note, guess what Hecht did before that? He was a Guardian ad Litem investigating children's best interests. So, a SEX PERVERT appoints Sergio Armijo....Armijo COMMITS SEX PERVERT bribes...Armijo replaced by SEX PERVERT. The cycle is complete. And Judges James Orlando and Chuschoff, as chiefs, approve of this madness in their courthouse! Some of Armijo's clients said that he's afumbling, bumbling nervous wreck who practically twitches, shakes and stutters when he walks into a courtroom. How can he be SO SCARED when he presided over a court??? Guess he wasn't that good at that either (of course it was Pierce County...the bottom of the barrel). One dad showed up with Armijo and had NO HEARING because Armijo forgot to confirm it ! That's a BASIC, fundamental task that my sister with Down Sydrome could have easily done when she was 10 years old. That dad went for MONTHS without seeing his kid. He now sees child every weekend AFTER HE FIRED Armijo. Hopefully this vermin gets disbarred. But, his family is in bed with too many people. So, he will likely get a slap on the wrist for his extortion and hustle.
DOB 06/30/1949 124 Warren Ave. N., Apt. #105 Seattle, WA 98109-4929 (206) 441-3076 You may think she's laid back because she looks like a hippie version of Steve Forbes. But, she's relentlessy vicious harassing egomaniac IF you are a father who opposes her. But, if you are a father being represented by her, she walks on eggshells and won't dare even attempt to make an opposing mother look bad, even if that mother is a psychotic felon. For example, in King Co. #10-3-02173-0, Janet represented a dad at trial. The mother had NO ATTORNEY. And the mother STILL got custody EVEN THOUGH the mother was CONVICTED of STABBING her previous husband !! So, why did the mother STILL get custody??? Janet did NOT EVEN BRING UP the stabbing. Under RCW 26.09.191(2), it's MANDATORY to restrict a parent's visitation if they committed an assault or domestic violence. Janet did NOT even bring this up at trial. Check out Janet BRAGS about 26 years of trial experience. But, she LETS an attempted-murder felon get custody of a child?? (Also notice the "fathers rights" tag cloud on her website has nothing when you click on it.) So what gives? Like many female attorneys who look like Janet, she HATES fathers. She hates traditional families. She PREFERS that a mom who ATTEMPTS murder get custody than a father with NO parenting problems. How do you lose a slam dunk case like that? By not trying. Conversely, if Janet is representing a woman, she will try and crucify a father on the stand and take him for all he's got. She specializes in helping mentally ill mothers win in court (whether she reps a dad & loses on purpose to help "the other side", or simply railroading a dad while repping a psychotic mom). Speaking of psychotic, when she fights against a dad, Janet (just like pervert Don Ferrell above) loves to abuse her position and prod, poke, nag, harass, and torment a dad in writing, with accusations and on the stand. She gets a sociopath like thrill out of knowing that there is no accountability for such misconduct. Then when the father has enough and demands that she get off his back, Janet hypocritically attacks him, making him out to be the villian. She encourages women clients to lie about domestic violence so they can get the children so they can get child support, maintenance, the house, and all the perks that come with having the children to use as a weapon against a father. How evil is that?!! In essence, Janet hates men and loves using children as pawns to exact revenge on men for whatever reason (whether it was her own dad or an ex-hubby who ruined her for life). She is a CHILD ABUSER who will put children at risk in order to make money for herself and women clients and to punish men. If you're a man and you hire her, she will expect that you are just an ever-other-weekend visitor and you should NOT even try for more. She will talk you out of even thinking about that and give you horrible advice. Don't believe me? Read the case mentioned above. It's public. Since Janet tanked that case, that mother has been sanctioned for repeatedly going into court to harass the father. The commissioners and judges are sick of her. And Janet LET this mom kick Janet's butt at a trial ! This is why many women get into family court as attorneys, social workers or even judges. They are out seeking for bad men, to destroy them through the system, just like a racist cop seeks out people of color to use his billy club on. While looking for actual "bad guys", her prejudice skewes her reality and she more often goes after the good ones and destroys children's lives as a result. Just look at that evil smirk. She knows what she is doing and is proud of it. And she has certain friends (commissioners, judges) who are in on the scam with her. Rumor has it that she has been more than just friends with at least one, maybe two female judges/commissioners. I cannot prove this. I just report what I hear. **This is not to incriminate her partner Tatiana Toumanova. Most attorneys think she is a fine professional and feel sorry for her (that she is stuck at a firm dictated and controlled by a master radical feminist man-hater).
DOB 1/24/1964 1221x SE 64th Place Bellevue, WA 98006-4408 Part of the many, fresh and new, little-experienced, bumbling hustlers at Engel Law Group, who are using you people as their guinea pig/lab rat experiment to FIND OUT and learn how to practice family law. This is the main attorney (along with Rhe below) who is obsessed with me and my every move. He thinks that NO ONE should be able to criticize ANY attorney ANY place except little known AVVO (which is overseen by his peers of perverts and abusive attorneys). If he ever had a free speech case, that would be ironic, as he is a major opponent to the 1st Amendement.
DOB: 12/17/1959 11624 Seola Beach Dr. SW Burien, WA 98146 No, that's not the long-lost brother of comedian Jim Carrey. That's solo attorney Rhe Ziinnecker. She is so hateful, obsessed and angered with my posting of this list that she says that I'm breaking the law and she would start a case to get me thrown in jail (see email that she and other stalkers of mine circulated about me--on the date of this email, the hits to my website quadrupled--so, she helped set aflame a vast conspiracy against me). Notice that Rich Cassady is included in the email discussion. Therefore, Zinnecker affiliates with, and approves of, attorneys who provide free services for sex/intimate relationships, since she is bad-mouthing me to such an attorney. Notice also that her website invited folks to try mediation, arbitration and "collaborative" divorce. Guess what often happens at mediation? You pay attorneys HUNDREDS of dollars to sit around and yak about what you and the ex should/could settle on. In my opinion, if my ex is WILLING to settle, why do we need to pay a TOTAL stranger to sit down and gab about it with us?? It's the ultimate hustle, in my opinion. Attorneys get paid to yack away and make easy money. I've seen thousands of people who have regretted signing off on agreements/ mediation, just because an attorney talked them into it. Under the guise of "working it out without court drama", she really rakes in the easy money, without likely caring about how it affects the rest of your children's lives. She ostensibly has no children of her own with 55-year old rommie Pual Nelson, so why should she care? Ms. Zinnecker is the ultimate hustler.
They label themelves a "Divorce For Men" law firm. Nothing could be further from the truth in my experience with them. If you label and tape the word "cat" onto a dog, it's still a dog. Want to know how they REALLY came up with that slogan? I was told by a former G & J attorney that Bill Goldberg & Rick Jones came up with it as a marketing ploy JUST TO GET DESPERATE men in the door and RAKE IN the $$$ off of initial consultations. The attorney who told me this was laughing as he said they called it the "revolving door" of initial appointments. He said, "It's a great marketing strategy." Many men will constanly come in, even if they don't retain an attorney. It's EASY MONEY. What a sham. G & J wanted $5,000 up front from me and told me that I would ONLY get "every other weekend". I went to court on my own and got 5 days per week for FREE, then later full custody. I've seen DOZENS of horror stories from this firm. One lawyer told a dad he "should be happy" to get 2 hours of supervised visits after being falsely accused. A prominent Seattle attorney told me G & J overloads attorneys and burns them out, then they move onto their own firms later. So YOU are their "lab rat" experiment until they "learn the ropes". Like many lawyers in the family court industry, G & J convinces dads to cut deals, doing their own clients in (all for an easy buck--or should I say easy thousands). They often DON'T even tell dads of all of their options. When I talk to victims of G & J, I ask them if G & J even attempted some of the basic strategies that many lawyers attempt. That answer usually is, "They didn't even tell me that was an option." Shame on BJ Shea and KRJ Radio letting this corrupt firm advertise and mislead thousands of fathers that G & J will actually fight hard for them. The worst attorney there might be Robert Mar. He recently "represented" a dad who has a very young child. The mom used meth, prescription drugs, and the child was acting out the mom's lesbian activities with a doll (meaning mom does it in front of child). What was Robert Mar's awesome advice to protect the child? "Mom already has custody, you're not going to win....we can try and stump her at trial (months down the road)." If there was a child molester in Mar's neighborhood, he'd probably tell the neighbors, "Eh, don't worry about it. If he does anything to our kids, we can always get him in trouble later."
DOB: 5/28/1949 Firm: McKinley Irvin 6226 - 88th Ave. W. University Place, WA Marc almost makes me ashamed to bear the same last name. He defiles the name. Don't let the high retainer of $10,000 or the fancy, credible law firm he works for fool you. If you are a father, Marc will sell you down the river in a minute. He will advise a client to subject himself to the UNCONSTITUTIONAL psycho sexual eval, in order to disprove guilt. He was a "big dawg" mediator in Tacoma for years (which means he made easy money, telling folks to settle for less than what they wanted). I know a guy who spent THOUSANDS on Christianson who was intimidated by the opposing attorney, the judge and was fumbling and bumbling at his own words and could not remember much of the facts of the case. He is the worst kind because he has accolades galore and is high-priced so you assume he is aggressive and competent. Not from what I've seen.
DOB: 4/15/67 Firm: Dancey & Cassady 17109 NE 45th Street, #34 Redmond, WA 98052 In a recent action, in front of Judge Fleck (on Worst Judges page), Cassady railroaded a father while representing a mom with a criminal record. While they had a romantic relationship, he did NOT charge her for his work. Then he demanded attorney fees (never incurred) to be paid by the dad. Of course, Judge Fleck (being the #1 man-hating judge in King County) granted this request, and to cover up his sex-for-services unethical conduct, Attorney Heritage Filer substituted in the case (but still from the SAME firm). See King Co. #09-3-03868-0. So, Cassady will railroad a dad for the personal benefit of sex, while the mom gets free, pro bono work done and Cassady will violate every ethical code regarding honesty and lie that his client owes him thousands. What a hustle and con game of pimp-like propoportions. Of course, given his handicap, he is desperate and this is the only way he can get a decent-looking woman. But, now that his live-in client is with child, she will soon be gone, off to more crimes involving dishonesty and more male victims. Maybe thereafter, Cassady will become a fathers' rights advocate when she leaves him high and dry. Even Cassady's co-workers have fled his perversion/unethcial conduct. Notice his partner Delaina Dancey pictured at But, if you click on Lawyer Directory at and plug in WSBA #23817, you will see that she is inactive and fled as from from Cassady as she could. She knows her firm is probably in trouble for this one.
DOB: 10/18/1951 4121 N. 30th Street Tacoma, WA 98407 There's NOTHING Scott Candoo ethically. He is about as weasel-ish as it gets. After the mold of Marc Christianson, he fights extremely aggressively for women, yet won't lift a finger for men. And if mom lives with a child abuser, drug addict or DV boyfriend, Scott doesn't care, as long as he gets paid. I cannot count how many men I have met who say Scott tells them to quit or settle right away, or who complain that Scott goes into court shaking and fumbling. Some men say that he doesn't read or prepare for hearings. Scott is a pro tem commissioner. So, he knows everyone at the courthouse. And he knows how to ABUSE the court system against an opposing father, yet he's a limp-wristed, punk, sissy COWARD when it comes to fighting for men. Yet, he gets rich off of both genders, just the same. He is the ultimate huslter crook and con because he has been around for so long, he is firmly planted into the corrupt system and he executes corrupt/ incompetent rulings when he is on the bench. Watch him misquote the rules. Watch him from hearing to hearing, completely contradict himself. If you like circuses, check out LINX to see when he is in court and get the popcorn. It's a comical show, but at the same time it's tragic because he destroys children's lives for $$. If you want to pay $5,000 up front to get royally screwed and spit out by the courts, Scott Candoo that for you!
DOB: 3/29/58 1716 NE Ravenna Blvd. Seattle, WA 98105 If you are a father, Glass will PRESUME that you are GUILTY of anything that a mother alleges against you. For some reason, he is a radical feminist. He recently VOLUNTARILY agreed, WITHOUT his client's consent, to court orders requiring the dad to jump through a bunch of hoops and have severely restricted visitation ONLY because of the mother's allegations. And the mother did NOT even have an attorney. Glass did NOT EVEN TRY to fight for the father. See King Co. #10-3-03763-6. The father now has regular, unsupervised visits after he hired a woman attorney who was not afraid of the opposing party mother, like Glass was.
DOB of John Fletcher Curry: 3/24/60 21622 - 23rd St. Ct. E. Lake Tapps, WA 98391 "Fletch" Curry and Dan Williams are your typical lazy hustlers. They have many clients pay thousands up front and the attorneys complain about going to court and do anything they can to ONLY mediate and spending billing time just talking. They seem to never want to go to trial. They are "substitute" pro tem family law commissioners and they abuse their authority there and talk smack rudely, in violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct. Curry constantly threatens that he has the power to put folks in jail and was videotaped by news crews when he abused his Pro Tem authority in Orting courts too. Their main goal is to probably be on the bench full time. So, they don't really want to help. Their young apprentice Matthew J. Yetter is completely incompetent. He once told a client to take an INVASIVE psycho sexual evaluation (reserved for convicted sex offenders) in order to "prove his innocence". Those evals are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This firm will especially sellout a father, just like Yetter did. Yetter is pictured below.
DOB: 10/28/1978 19126 - 96th Ave. Ct. E. Puyallup, WA 98375 Maybe he is incompetent because he "wears too many hats" and has his hands in too many areas of law, so he doesn't get time to figure out family law. But, the advice mentioned above, telling his client to violate his own constitutional rights and take a humiliating and degrading psycho sexual evaluation speaks for itself.
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