HOW I GOT CUSTODY - ...WITHOUT an attorney!
***  Unlike other parent rights' websites, I show you how  ***
I actually won and keep winning in family court !
I'm James Christianson, just a regular guy who was dragged into family court in 2001.  I'm a REAL dad with a REAL case and a REAL success story.  And that's REALLY me and my daughter pictured above.  This website is all about sharing with you how I got custody and won over and over in family court and the Court of Appeals WITHOUT a lawyer's help.  And I back it up by showing you ACTUALLY winning court orders. Check them out on the Proof of James' Wins page.

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Are you a father with a pre-kindergarten child? 

Check out my new page Dads with Pre-K Kids  to see a recent clinical, scholarly study by Psychologist Richard A. Warshak, which shows that infant and toddler children need both parents equally, and that the "tender years doctrine" the courts use to deprive a father of children is  a bunch of hogwash !

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You can call or text me 24 hours a day at (206) 553-9158 to schedule an in-person appointment or a phone consultation, for as long as you like, and learn EVERYTHING you want to know about how I ACTUALLY won in court. 

Phone consultations are $40 per hour.

In-person consultations at James' office are a $30 per half-hour session.

So, you can spend THOUSANDS on an attorney ($200 - $400/hour, with $3,000 - $5,000 down) who PROMISES that they MIGHT get you something fair (without any proof) or you can learn what ACTUALLY has worked for me over and over WITHOUT an attorney.

              Resources on this website
On this website, I share with you how I researched the I deal with opposing I prepare for court...I even give you my own notes and research about the law and actual arguments I used in court over and over.
I fought off bogus attempts at restraining orders, bad GAL reports, false allegations, contempt and more.  I've won my own contempt hearing.  I've even won in the Court of Appeals twice.  Most importantly, I got full custody and the PROOF is ON THIS WEBSITE for you to see for  YOURSELF.
Since my original 2001 victory I have worked with THOUSANDS of mothers and fathers who have also succeeded without an attorney, in their own cases.  I've worked with them as a volunteer for a  parent advocacy group or helping each parent one-on-one, sharing and finding the resources they need, and even as a working for .
Other resources for you on this site
You can find PROOF of my victories and see my actual custody order, my winning contempt motion, my two winning appeals and more by clicking onto this page:
You can also obtain inexpensive .pdf MANUALS showing step-by-step, in every category, how I won and how I figured out the court system and how I deal with different aspects of the system, all by myself:
I call them my "How-Do" manuals because they explain "how do" I win and to win and do my own child support modifications, contempt motions, appeals, revisions, reconsiderations, legal research or how I defend against restraining orders, etc. 
You also can obtain actual WINNING documents and templates that I have actually worked in court, even against veteran attorneys (briefs, documents, motions, proposed orders, etc.).   Just click on this page:
What I accomplished (in short)
You can read the detailed version of my story on my James' Bio and Full Story page. 
The short version:  I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I was a truck driver and warehouse worker who flunked out of college.  I was dragged into court and caught completely off guard.  But, in the end, I came out on top WITHOUT the help of an attorney.  Specifically, I got full custody after prevailing several times against a 17-year veteran attorney in 2001.  Since then, I have been back to court on several occasions over the past 10 years and continue to win (even twice in the Court of Appeals), against another attorney with 46 years of experience.
This website is all about:
    (1)  sharing my story
    (2)  sharing all my successful strategies, step-by-step
    (3)  sharing what I've learned through my victories and mistakes
    (4)  providing you with actual documents that I used to win in court
The PROOF is in the pudding !
Don't believe me?  This doesn't seem realistic to you that I could win in court, over and over all by myself?  Good!  You should NOT believe ANYTHING that ANYONE says in the family law world, without any proof.
That is precisely why I have a Proof of Victories page so you can SEE the proof that I actually WON in court.  This page shows the actually results (the court's orders), which verifies that my strategy, tactics, and my "winning documents" are what actually worked!
I'm not afraid to hear you tell me, "James, prove it. PROVE to me that your strategy worked for you."  But, an attorney, or an advocate, or a paralegal, or a fathers' or mothers' rights group might be afraid to answer that question.  Why? Because there are many hustlers and con-artists out there trying to make a quick buck, preying on the desperate situation that many parents find themselves in during a family court battle.
I have met countless parents who did poorly in court solely because they actually followed the "advice" of a Clerk or some other court staff.  Those folks are NOT supposed to give you legal advice in the first place, under the LAW.
Question everything. Demand proof. Make everyone back up what they say or claim.  I can back up what I say and I have court orders, on this site, showing what I have accomplished.  The proof is in the pudding.
**Disclaimer:  James Christianson is not an attorney and does not hold himself out to be one.  Information on this site should not be construed as legal advice.  James simply wishes to tell his story and share what he has done in his own case, so the general public can know that there are actual success stories of a father who prevailed in family court, even without a lawyer.